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Thread: um I just found something amazing on Ebay for us abdls

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    Default um I just found something amazing on Ebay for us abdls

    So I spend most of my saturday evenings shopping (after payday :p) and found a new listing for adult body suit onesie thingys

    NO JOKE there's now adult sizes baby onesies with the scoopy neck and the snaps on the bottom!

    Placing an order tonight, cannot WAIT til i get it

    Have you guys bought these before?

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    You should check out Big Baby Boutique. She sells on Ebay, but has her own website through Ebay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzbaby View Post
    Well this is interesting! If only I lived alone and it wasn't $30... d'oh!

    On a side note, does anyone know what diaper is the girl in the pics wearing?

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    The fact there are cute ABDL onesies on ebay is not really a revelation to most of us :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygohan View Post
    Where is the size chart at?
    It appears they run on t-shirt sizes. How they figure that with all the different body shapes out there, I don't know...

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