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    Hey there I am a avid runner and I am also incontinent you can probably guess peoples reactions.

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    Hello Lon531,

    Welcome here...

    No - I can't guess "peoples reactions" to you - sorry.

    I'm Incontinent myself - have always been and probably always will be (unless there's some vast medical improvement yet to come).
    Anyhow I'm not sulking, sitting at home and doing nothing - I lead a pretty active life, including sports.
    Being active is highly important to me - I'm a bit of a fit-geek to be honest
    So I run, work out, etc... I swim (but only in rivers and lakes as I mostly hate those chlorine-filled stink-tanks they call pools and b) because I really don't feel good about pissing involuntarily in someones pool)), I hike, go up some mountains, ski & board, bike... ride motorcycles, etc.

    and I haven't had much of a problem because of my IC - sure it's not the most comfy situation at times, but so far it has yet to be noticed by anyone but some very close friends who knew about my issues anyhow.

    So unless for some reason you wear an overly thick diaper or very tight spandex shorts without any other garment over it (which imho should be forbidden anyhow ) - there's not much for people to notice.

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    Well, I can certainly guess my own reaction to this:

    Hello, welcome to ADISC.

    Your introduction is a little on the short side of things. Feel free to, should you want to join in anymore, tell us a little bit more about yourself. For instance, what brings you to the site? You like to run, which is one thing about yourself, but do you have any other interests that would help start some conversation here for you? After all, the introduction is your first chance to engage with the community in a thoughtful discussion about your interests and what you hope to achieve through being an active member here.

    Well, whatever brought you here, I hope you find the community and site to your liking and enjoy your time here.

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