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Thread: Becoming a 24/7 Wearer

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    Default Becoming a 24/7 Wearer

    Random question, I want to know how I can become a 24/7 diaper wearer, and never use the toilet again? Is there any good articles on this?

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    How in depth of an answer do you want? For me, going 24/7 was as easy as having the materials to use as an alternative to the bathroom. You need to ask more specific questions.

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    I'm not sure what information you're after. If you're looking for tips on how to cope with wearing 24/7 or you want to read about other peoples experiences then you might want to look at the ADISC 24/7 Group or read the countless threads on the forum.

    However, if you're looking for advice on becoming incontinent then I'd advise you to rethink. It's not a good idea for many different reasons. You can wear and use diapers 24/7 by all means, but interfering with how your body works is simply asking for trouble.

    I'm hoping the first paragraph is the one that applies to you. If it is then best of luck with your endeavours. One bit of advice would be to plan everything out in advance (type of padding, where you'll change, what the "rules" are and so on).

    The act of wearing 24/7 can be rewarding, but it's not something to be taken lightly. If you really want to try this I'd recommend choosing a shorter period of time (e.g. a couple of weeks) and seeing if you enjoy it. I did this over a year ago and I'm still in padding now!

    Good luck!

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    apologies upfront: this is going to be sightly sarcastic......

    As some are aware: I'm incontinent - pretty much HAVE to wear 24/7.

    Then again, despite this I have NO problem whatsoverver with anyone (Non-IC or IC) who wants - for whatever reason to wear his diapers 24/7. Actually if it makes you happy go for it.

    Simple Answer: BUY DIAPERS & WEAR THEM 24/7.

    Long Answer:
    what's the problem? I mean NO ONE FORCES YOU TO USE A TOILET... or is someone there to hold a gun to your head every time you feel the urge ??
    Like "Hey Ziggy, mate, listen up ... My shit meter shows that you're in for a dump again... eh? either you use the loo like you're supposed to or mr. 9mm is going to give you some additional body cavities you don't need... so go, sit on the fuc... toilet and do your gdm. business... ".
    (I'd be really worried if anyone has become that obsessed about my toileting habits).

    So honestly... 24/7? get diapers, wear, use, change... that's it.

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    Is there some sort of situation you are asking for help in dealing with? Like workplace situations or something? Otherwise, EP01's wonderfully simple.. "get diapers, wear, use, change... that's it." is pretty much the answer I would have. I just feel like there is more specific issues you are wondering about that's making this sort of thing more complicated. If so, we might be able to direct you to similar threads or give you more personal support.

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    I have currently been wearing 24/7 for about 2 weeks now i think. if i had the choice again i would still go the same way. iT may seem odd or a bit unusual to a lot of people but now i dont feel right if im not wearing a diaper or wearing normal underwear.

    to add one more thing that i have noticed also. when i am wearing a diaper i have noticed that i seem to be happy and full of life.

    I too have had thoughts about wanting to become completely incontinent. i am still in the undecided phase about it. I realise that it has its pros and cons and for me the answer lies with what has more pluses and less drawbacks i think.

    there are other things you can do to make yourself temporary incontinent. like laxatives and all that stuff. may i suggest that you try this befoer wanting to become incontinent full time ?


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    As others have said, having fun and wearing you want to is one thing, and being incontinent is another thing.

    Wearing diapers 24/7 is one thing and altering your body to become incontinent to wear diapers is another.

    You basically just wear diapers and go when you feel the need. However, I don't recommend you doing #2 except in your own privacy. You'll eventually have to urinate more frequently and urgently, because you'll allow your self to go on demand and shrink the size of your bladder. You'll never really lose control.

    Before you try experimenting with more invasive methods, try using a foley catheter to see if its what you really want. You'll also know what its like to have no control. But make sure you're doing everything by the book without skipping any steps.

    You'll then find how inconvenient it can be. You'll have to carry extra diapers, wipes, and creams where ever you go.

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    I'll agree with other posters here with saying wearing 24/7 doesn't have to mean using 100%. I doubt I will ever #2 in my diaper, and over 1/2 the diapers I dispose of are dry. I don't wet all that often. But I have gotten to the point now where if an urge hits and I feel like it, I go, because I can. I enjoy being diapered more than using my diapers. Just that sometimes I like to take advantage of my padding.

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    It is clear we are all different here, and all seeking for different experiences and pleasures. I think those who are curious about wearing 24/7 should indeed do, as our friends EPO1 etc. mention above - buy, wear, use, change.

    I think for several people the 24/7 lifestyle will quickly become less attractive. Then again, when I talk about 24/7, to me that means diapers at most times. Not removing them to use a toilet. That is just my definition of it. I totally respect those of you, like Bambinod, who sometimes remove diaper for actual toilet needs, and rather wear them for the comfort, and not just as a portable toilet.

    I have tried several longer continual trials, but there are too many times when for me and my lifestyle, a diaper is the last thing I want to wear. I do lots of sports. I have hectic life with lots of air travel. Spend much time each day in formal meetings... My current lifestyle will not really allow it.

    ...when I retire in Hawaii however... ;-)

    Have fun all!

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    My only advice is just do it, I just got my first ones last, Thursday and o like them so much I have been wearing them since I got them, I still use the bathroom for #2 as its messy and I don't want to have to change then diaper all the time

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