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Thread: "Dream Crib and Nursery" - Ahh come on, Cowboy Up Teddy!!!

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    Default "Dream Crib and Nursery" - Ahh come on, Cowboy Up Teddy!!!

    Okay, I cannot believe I am actually starting this thread! But, for who knows what reason, I am going to post this thread about having a "Dream Crib and/or Nursery".

    First of all, the thought of wanting to wear diapers is so beyond the cowboy part of me. Sometimes even now it sticks in my craw.

    Well, several years ago I accepted this part of myself, but realized there was more to this. Indeed, it included some facets of being AB, not just DL. One thing led to another, and I finally came to the conclusion that despite being the rough and tumble, rugged, and otherwise western "me", I still enjoy the company of my teddy bear Dillon, and sometimes find myself wishing I could have my own "Little Cowboy Nursery".

    "Ahh, come on Teddy, you've got to be kidding!" Well, Damn it! No, I am not.

    So what would this look like? Mostly I have thought it would have to be made up of pine, and rugged cut and finished furniture, such as this.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	logcrib.jpg 
Views:	1140 
Size:	93.9 KB 
ID:	16766 or this:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WesternCrib.jpg 
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ID:	16769

    But, on the other hand, after searching the wonderful world of the internet, I have come to the conclusion that my dream crib and nursery might include a crib that would look something like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dauphincrib.jpg 
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ID:	16765

    Here it is in a more full collection:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mariah-nurserycropped.jpg 
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ID:	16768

    Yeah, its not western. No, there aren't any cowboy boots under the bedding. But hey, I think it happens to look rather classy, if I do say so myself.

    Okay, so now that I have shared this, I am curious, what other "Dream Nursery" collections might others be interested in? Am I the only one here who is willing to admit that they sometimes think about having a nursery of their own and wonder what it would look like? I assume not, and although I posted this in the "AB" forum, I still feel a bit awkward admitting this.

    --Man, I feel like this was a "coming out" or something. Phew! Its nice to get this off my chest and I hope I haven't freaked anyone out!

    Please tell me I am not alone here!
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    I'd prefer to have a 'little kid' style room as opposed to an outright nursery, although a crib would still be welcome. There's lots of possibilities for decoration but I think my favourite would be a Lion King themed room. I'd love to have the one in the picture below:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	5261331066_566e92a16f_z.jpg 
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ID:	16770

    I'd also quite like to have a bunk bed that I've seen for sale. It's a standard single and should support an adult, though I'm not sure it'd go with the Lion King theme:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	231265114.jpg 
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ID:	16771

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    Here is my dream nursery on my website! You can see all the stuff I would want in it!

    My Dream Nursery

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    A Where the Wild Things Are themed kiddie bedroom/nursery. None of the real life examples I've seen really hit the mark, and it would be too much work to ever see it through myself so it's purely imaginative. Ho-hum.

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    I would like a pokemon or digimon themed one with pokemon wallpaper. with pokemon shaped furniture and such. with pokemon cartoon curtains. pikachu patterned wallpaper. (oh my god i love pikachu. hes so cute and adorable lol) well thats the gyst of it anyway. I might have left some things out by accidents but i think i have put in almost of it. haha

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    I am currently painting my nursery when I am done I will post pictures. As of now I went with a jungle adventure theme.

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    Relax, Cowboy. You actually have quite a common desire. I to am planning on a crib build, and if all goes well, a changing table as well. But we all know package deals like this are a few years out.

    So, enjoy and use this time to plan wisely what you want. The best part I believe is finding a professional carpenter who can approach your blueprints in an objective and clear-headed manner.

    My plan is to find such a true professional and work closely with that individual to make this furniture from dream into reality.

    Honestly, for a custom nursery crib, you're looking at about $1000 off the bat, and around $600 for a decked out changing table.

    And who knows how much the actual labor costs would be. Anyway, I'd estimate at least two months to construct both.

    Time to sock away those pesos, partner and save for that fantasy room you've always wanted.

    All I know is that I'm enamored with the idea of the exotic, and you've struck a chord with me on this today very well.

    Best wishes.

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    I'm with you when you say it's wierd to say you want a nursery. But I've daydreamed about it myself. I probably wouldn't want anything real fancy. Heck, if I just had a crib and that's all I'd be set!

    But if I could dream, I'd like solid-color walls, a changing table, a toy chest, one of those old city street rugs (those things will forever be cool!), and the crib filled with all my stuffed animals, new and old (I still have a Pluto plushie and a couple of the characters from the Puzzle Place somewhere. I need to get them out sometime).

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