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Thread: What influences the brand of diaper you buy?

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    Default What influences the brand of diaper you buy?

    In my case I became a 'fan' of Tena before learning of ADISC when I downloaded a torrent of "The Ultimate ABDL Collection" and saw that a majority of the images in one folder consisted of the participants wearing them. Now that I've tried a few different versions and I've since learned of other brands, I've discovered they're not all that 'ZOMG' great, though still light-years ahead comparative to Depends. Somewhen in the future I want to treat myself to some Abenas or Molicares based on the feedback I've seen here. So while I have the first-memory impression of Tena I am eager to try anything that's reasonably priced, fun and absorbent. So at the moment price and accessability are what drives my decision what diaper to buy

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    The area of use. For night I need diapers which cover a lot and hold more than a day diaper. The night diaper do not need to be made with mobility in mind and so my choice for it is either Tena Slip Super or Abriform. At day I need a diaper with good mobility, and as a consequence of this they can not be very thick. The thinnest I've found which not leak after emptying more than a full bladder is Attends Active Slip 9. This have in addition better mobility as a result of the taping mechanism, and so it is my choice on normal days. On days in which I can not change to often I chose the big brother Attends Active Slip 10.

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    although i'm a fan of the high-end dispies (Tenaslip, specifically), my regular brand is Indaslip Maxi, simply for the convenience of buying locally, in person and not being subject to the whims of others' logistics.
    and Indaslip smell nice.

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    When it comes to choosing my diapers I go based on looks and comfort, capacity is not something I look at. I have never actually used a diaper for its intended purpose, I have been curious to do so but the cleanup sounds very unpleasant.
    I used to like the cloth covered cushies but Abuniverse has not made them available since last year, and with the update in the website, it looks like they may be discontinued. Right now my favorite is from bambino, which I got to sleep in last night
    I'm not buying anymore for a bit since I can't hide too many but I was planning on buying something that is quiet, like abena pull ups, that way I can sleep in quiet diapers when my roommate is at home.

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    I wear mine out of need. This where I have to look at cost being on a fixed income. Around the first of the new year I started using cloth AIO's to go with
    my disposables. I was able to drop one order of disposable which saves me around $42.00 a month. I now wear my AIO's for overnight use where I'm a
    heavy wetter. I wear my Dry24/7 diaper for my main daytime diaper and use Attends Waistband for the evening. My monthly diaper cost is around $100.00
    a month. For me I need good performance as far as absorbtion as well as cost.

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    Which is the least of a headache to order online and whether they suck or not (not just moister). I don't care about having variety so once I become acquainted with a particular brand I like I tend to stick with them unless I find quality control has wavered.
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    For me it is a good review not just here but other sources, price, and comfort. I tried unique wellness and while the price and reviews were good I didn't like the feeling of them. I have also switched to AIO diapers from Angelsbest223 on ebay so I have a good supply of disposable diapers for when I feel the need for something a little bit more crinkly.

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    If it has a plastic outer shell and tapes and it doesn't get terrible reviews from those who try it, I'll probably get around to it.

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    I couldn't say marketing or other "awareness campaigns" mostly.

    However in my case, as I'm IC and use either pads, pull-ups or sometimes light diapers during the day and something like an Attends M10 during the night, I am mostly "influenced" by trial & error.

    To me it's paramount that the product WORKS well for my IC.
    It's also VERY important that it's as comfortable as possible... and it's as well of HIGH IMPORTANCE to me (during the day especially) that it's as "invisible" as it gets.

    Thus I PREFER cloth backed disposable products, diapers with breathable sides like the attends regular models.

    To me the diapers/pads/pull-ups need to fullfil those aspects - always in regard to the situation I'll be wearing them.

    About every few years I browse around online to see if there are any new products or if the manufacturers have modified their current models / product line up and I'll order a few if it looks interesting.
    If the new product works better than the one I'm currently using and pricing is OK then I'll switch... otherwise no.

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    Being IC, my choice is mainly based on what works for me; something I can wear discreetly and not leak. Another issue is that I have to self-catheter several times a day, so a taped-on diaper in the daytime isn't practical. So my choice for everyday is pads with mesh pants - here I get Molicare Soft maxi pads provided free of charge by the NHS. When I go to the pub or the cinema I need something more substantial, particularly for the journey home, so I upgrade to Tena Flex Maxi for those occasions. The waistband style allows me to easily unfasten it to use the catheter when I need to. For night time I wear either cloth or Tena Slip Maxi/Super.

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