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Thread: What type of bottle is recommended?

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    Default What type of bottle is recommended?

    the plastic bottles looks cute but the models with funny draws?? or without bisfenol a bottles??
    in some bottles without bisfenol a bottles the draws is easily erased for experience...

    what is best?

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    Default re: What type of bottle is recommended?

    Do not buy Avent brand. They are too prone to leak because of the stupid airflow system they use. Get NUK brand. The teat shape is good in the mouth. You can get many designs and colors so should be able to find one you like. Pick for how useful they are to you first, before considering visuals.

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    I honestly love my simple Gumdrop bottle. It's cheap and the particular teat it uses I find better than some of the high tech ones. I wish they actually made a pacifier rather than a soother.

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    I tried a few cheaper ones but the ones i like are the Nuby one i found in Morrisons and the Tommee Tippee closer to nature with a No3 teat, the short stubby 9oz one fits in my bottle warmer perfectly. I bought the 3 pack but have only used one so far in 2 years.

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    i usually buy gerber first essentials bottles simply because they are cheap and easy to come by and they work

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