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Thread: Question on being Diapered at a conceret

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    Default Question on being Diapered at a conceret

    I will be heading to BuzzFest this weekend and am excited but it's a looong show (I'm thinking 8+ hours).

    I've been wearing 24x7 for almost 2 years now and while I'm not IC, I have a small bladder and I have a bad habit of peeing when drunk without thinking about it.

    Normally I carry a couple spare diapers in my car so if I need a change it is not a big deal but... they will not be allowing reentry or any bags other than small purses (I'm not that kinda guy ;-D) inside so I'm unsure how to bring a spare with me.

    While I enjoy the occasional wet diaper, I'd rather have the ability to change if I need to. Any ideas, past experience, radical thoughts involving telaportation devices and cheese?

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    1) Don't drink or 2) Use a booster pad or 3) Know anyone going with a small purse? or 4) Wrap one or two around your stomach and wear a loose shirt or 5) Wear cargo shorts or pants with the big side pockets ( I like this one best). Problem with this is if they pat you down and feel something, they might have you empty your pockets. Then you can claim to be ic, but your friends will see them. With the recent event in Boston, security will be tight!

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    Diaper with a stuffer or 2 or 3..

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    Oh, didn't think about it but we just had a cold front come through so I could probably bring one of my larger jackets that I could hide the spare in! All of you in colder climates have it sooo easy.

    I rarely drink these days but when I do I like to let loose a little. I'd much rather bring a change than to not enjoy myself at a rock festival that set me back almost a hundred bucks for the ticket.

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    I'm not in a colder climate and I thought the weather in Texas has been nice lately so I didn't think about a jacket. I think you answered your own question. Have a good time!

    From the Buzzfest website: Clothing, carried or worn, is subject to search. Have everything out of your pockets by the time you get to the gate to avoid having everyone behind you kick your ass for slowing down the line

    Read more: BuzzFest - BuzzFest

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    potty train your self. sorry LOL I had to. couldn't resist.

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    I'm 100% sure you not the only one wearing to the concert..
    There is people wearing, that is not AB or DL..

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    Quote Originally Posted by waslost1234abc View Post
    potty train your self. sorry LOL I had to. couldn't resist.
    Haha, Never! And you can't make me.

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