View Poll Results: So when did you start partying in high school?

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  • Senior year [year 12]

    10 16.67%
  • Junior year [ year 11]

    5 8.33%
  • Sophomore year [year 10]

    7 11.67%
  • Freshman year [year 9]

    10 16.67%
  • Never did high school / Haven't yet

    28 46.67%
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Thread: When did you start partying?

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    Default When did you start partying?

    Well theres my question i guess mostly in highschool uhmm yeah talk about it if you want.

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    By ninth grade I had already been drunk at least once or twice, and had already began smoking cigarettes and trying pot..... It kind of all happened at once. That summer of my freshman year my parents had my grandpa who was ill living in our house. They were busy taking care of him all the time, so rules sort of disappeared because they just weren't as important. I feel bad about it now, but I've learned a lot since all of that, so I think it's turned out OK.

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    I don't get drunk or do drugs at parties. I don't really go to many parties though, but I have a feeling I wouldn't like the exceptionally crazy ones. Anyway, I'll have a beer or something now and then, but I don't get drunk. I don't do drugs at all.

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    I was a hardcore partier starting grade 10, through grade 11 and part of grade 12.

    Drugs, Alcohol, the whole shebang.

    I have to say I regret it, the good times seemed worth it then, but it certainly doesn't now.

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    I've gone to parties, but haven't had any booze or drugs in my system at all. I just go there to laugh at my friends while they're wasted and high.

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    I starting in 10 grade and party mostly until I graduated. I don't party that much anymore...
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    I was really good freshman and sophomore year, junior year was when I really started partying. I wouldn't say I was hardcore, but I wasn't straight edge either, mostly somewhere in the middle. It seems that junior year was the year most people started partying as where I lived, a car was an absolute necessity.

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    Haven't started into partying yet, but I'll let you know if/when I do.


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