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Thread: Pacifier Addiction

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    Default Pacifier Addiction

    Who else is practically addicted to their pacifiers?!

    I LOVE mine. It calms me down so much. Daddy always knows when I want it too :3

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    I pretty much have to have mine at bedtime. I've been addicted to it before I even decided I was ab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    I pretty much have to have mine at bedtime. I've been addicted to it before I even decided I was ab.
    Same here. I mean, I didn't decide so much as discover that I was ab, but definitely have a hard time going to bed without one anymore (understatement of the year award here). Yay!

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    I really like my paci a lot. It's in my mouth whenever I'm alone. If I have to take it out to go outside (and sometimes I forget!), I notice myself getting more anxious, uptight and self conscious and I feel much better when I either put it back in, or suck my thumb. If I don't have a paci with me, I'll sometimes start sucking my thumb without realizing it, so it's something I really have to pay attention to in social settings, like if I'm watching a movie with friends.

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    I haven't suckled on mine for quite sometime, but I will admit that it is a nice feeling. When I return home, I really need to find some proper alone time to indulge with my paci

    Actually, one thing I do find weird about my fondness for using my paci is that I was never given one as an infant, according to my parents. So why I am so fond of it I'm unsure. It might be because it is a relatively new experience, and I just love it
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    Yes, I have an addiction. I'm not able to use them as much as I want to, but at least I have them.

    Quote Originally Posted by KittyMachine View Post
    i' have as 18 pacifiers the orthodontic nipple is more confortable
    I have only two, but I was just looking online and thinking about another one, but then I thought "Why have 3? Why can't I be happy with my baby one and adult one?" Then I say this and decided screw it, 3 is a good number.

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    Its the only AB thing that i dont feel bad about using...
    helps me sleep most nights.

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    hi i wouldnt say im addicted to my dummy but i sucked my thumd since i was a child so i used my dummy to ween myself away from that. Its worked in the sence that i no longer sucker my thumb but i now use my dummy every nite.

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