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    Default Hello from Newbie

    Hi, I'm SGBenny, from SE PA. Been a Diaper Lover (only) my whole life. Finally decided to join the site.

    Thanks for welcoming us new people.


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    Hi, SGBenny! Welcome to the forum.

    Why have you only been a DL your whole life? I would wager some of us DLs had at one time or another a curiosity of the whole ABDL cultural spectrum.

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    Welcome SGBenny!

    Tell us a bit more about yourself. We all have lives outside of diapers and it is always great to realize that other ABs and DLs are, in fact, peopl before they are ABDLs. I for one am into music, sports, and experiencing the wilderness. How about you? What makes you tick?


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    I'm a technical professional in product development. My favorite hobby is set building and design for the local middle school musical. That takes literally most of my time for two months out of the year. I also enjoy wade fishing for small mouth bass and working on cars or puttering around the yard.

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC! I hope you make some good friends here and find plenty of interesting topics to engage in.

    Stay dry and happy!

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