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    Hey, hello, hi
    I made an account awhile back, but I'm usually too awkward for forums so I abandoned the attempt. Anyways, I'm back, so hi
    I'm still fairly new to diapers, and outside of that I spend my time with video games, or reading, or netflix mostly.
    Ahh, I'm out of things to say. So message me, or whatever.

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    Nah! You're not our of things to say! Please tell us more about your interests. What are your favorite video games? You watch Netflix a lot, what kind of movies do watch most often? Any favorite movies that you've seen lately? What kind of books do you like?

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    Hi n0rthernlights! How far n0rthern are you? Can you see them?

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    Hi, n0rthernlights!

    Welcome with warm arms to our forum. Here you'll find plenty of things to say about what others are discussing.

    So jump on in and have fun! Just don't lurk any more, OK?

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