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Thread: Somebody know this paci??

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    Default Somebody know this paci??

    This pacifier Babelito can buy in south america and United States, I recommend because even is a size 3 for toddler the design of the nipple fit any size mouth <3

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    I looked at and the product is not available there.... That link was just a picture and it's not in their products. Why did you post it, if it's not available? I'll google the pacifier though.

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    no? is rare...yes, i buy the size 3 and is more big as a convencional size 3 pacifier

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    I looked for it and couldn't find it. So its a size 3 you got? I'll look again.

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    I looked for size 3 and its available IN NUK in many stores here in America. I'll try it out sometime. It's cheap too... Like $5 USD FOR A pack of two

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    Quote Originally Posted by KittyMachine View Post
    wow is very cheap!!! in Argentina not exist the size 5
    It's actually produced in Germany. Nuk 5 is actually made for adult use for several medical/therapeutic reasons. It's better than struggling to keep a baby sized one in your mouth. I've tried and it just makes my cheeks hurt.

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