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Thread: would i look good with a nose piercing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by clip12 View Post
    I don't think so your a good looking young man as you stand! Why muck your face up with a piercing? A there I go again juat an old fart.

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    To be honest I think you'd suit an eyebrow piercing better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clip12 View Post
    i duno, just wana spice my face up a bit.
    good seasoning takes time

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    clip12 this is what I see that we are missing.

    What I am saying is be yourself be who you are and don’t be a follower. Go where your imagination and creatively take be a leader and not like all the others.

    Oh! There I go again just been an old gas burner.

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    Honestly mate,
    if you NEED TO ASK: then DON't.

    It's a rather "permanent" modification.. (ok small piercings not so much, larger ones quite irreversible - sure you can take it out, but the hole won't close again).

    Same goes for tattoos: if you need someone else' opinion on it, don't do it - because you're not sure.

    if you really want one - disregard what other say and get whatever you'd like.

    Myself I'm fairly covered in tattoos ... some don't like 'em - sure... some love em - so what... *I* wouldn't want to be without them - and that's what matters.

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    I feel piercings arnt even about if they look good, most of the time they look good all the time. I have a monroe(or as i say a Reverse Madonna) and its really about if you can handle taking shit from other people the first time they see it. then you're golden

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