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Thread: Ordered a nuk 5... Nuk5 vs Nuk3??

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    Question Ordered a nuk 5... Nuk5 vs Nuk3??

    I do not know if this is the right place since i am not a AB or DL. But i do use a pacifier, and is pretty addicted to it at times. I use it because it calm me down, and is a good stressrelief, than again started using it do to trouble breathing to my nose at night, and to learn how to breath through my nose while asleep. It really works..

    ANYWAY before i came across ADISC i had no idea there was a nuk5!! I ordered 2 on saturday, and they will hopefully be in my mailbox tomorrow and gotta say i am pretty excited.
    I sleep almost everynight with my nuk3 or mam air 6+, but gotta admit they are a little bit small. Both pacifiers usually stay in all night.

    How is the nuk5? better than the nuk3?
    what is your favorite pacifier?
    also gotta say all my nuk3 got modified with mam shields

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    Default Re: Ordered a nuk 5... Nuk5 vs Nuk3??

    Nuk 5 is bigger and you don't strain as much to keep it in your eyes. It is made for adults. Nuk 3 is made for a toddler woth smaller mouths.

    You are an AB in some sense. Its a form of regression that you receive from it. You don't have to wear diapers as there are some here that don't wear diapers.

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    For me, the Nuk 5 is better because it has a bigger nipple. Mine is a blue adult binky I got from eBay and I love it. I'm not into diapers either, but I'm straight up in love with my binky and I will never give it up.

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    Yeah, I've used a pacifier for four years now and just recently decided I'm ab. I have a nuk 5 but don't like it. I much prefer the mam 6+ months.

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    I barely can hold nuk 3 in my mouth so I gave up over the time and stop buying those. Finally, I got around to order nuk 5 for first time few days ago.... it should be here in a week or two. I can't wait and hope that should be much better. My nuk 5 is 2 toned pink with flower. =)

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    well i gotta say i got mine today and i love it taz paci sits in mouth nicely cant wait to sleep with it.

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    My favorite pacifier is my own latex pacifier with MAM shield.
    Click image for larger version. 

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