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Thread: How did it all start?

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    Default How did it all start?

    so the question is how did it all start?

    NOW before some one goes thats not nice to ask so be it.

    this is only going out to the people that would like to talk. now you ask why would you like to know. idk really i guess it has to deal with at one point in my life i actually wanted to be a incontinence but once i sat back and looked at the big picture it was more bad then well good matter fact 99% bad 1% good.

    ive been reading this board alot for some reason im not exactly sure why but i find that. im just glad its not me thought going through my head at least 1 time. but then most of the time i feel bad and learn to understand more of why i shouldnt even attempt to on purpose become incon that would be dumb :|.

    i also want to put out ther i also enjoy hearing peoples life storys and i feel i should make a place for that .

    so my question is how did it all start? what do i mean well i mean how and when did you become icon if you feel brave enough what was the process up untill the present day?


    i hope this doesnt come off as intrusive and rude if it does please let me know i figured this would be the best place for this question that i have always want awnsered .


    Have A Nice Day!

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    I don't see how responses in this thread will differ from responses to the thread entitled "How did you end up being incon?" At least, I don't have anything to add to what I said there.

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