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Thread: bought my first diapers!

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    Default bought my first diapers!

    I just ordered my first diapers online I'm so excited the first shipment will be here friday

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    Well done! Now for the long...painful...wait...for the deliver :-)
    Looks like you will be having a good weekend!

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    I will probably have to wait till next Monday I still live with parents and that's the next time they will be gone unless they go out saturday

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    So..... WHAT KIND DID YOU BUY! Like Alfred Hitchcock you like to keep us in suspense eh?

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    Yaay. :-D
    I remember that feeling.

    Tip: look into alternative delivery options if you are living with your parents, you may be able to get items delivered to another address such as a post office; that way you can order whatever you like with no fear of your parents finding out. Also, buy yourself some kind of lockable box that you can store in your closet or under the bed. Your parents might find it and want to know what's in there, but it's better to be able to say "porn" than to have them find out what's really inside!

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    I bought a 3 pack of the depends diaper underwear and an 18 pack of some other brand for 12.99 I played 8.99 for 2 day delivery

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