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    Default hi!!!

    my name is Ana and have 22 years, i' a adult baby and have as...a large collection of products as bottles bibs pacifiers and a stroller (real baby stroller)
    i' hope make friends here ^^

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    Hey there Ana and welcome to ADISC!

    So you're from Argentina, mind us to tell something about it? Some things you really like about your country? Or other stuff? Anyway, this country is still on my to-visit list . I really like to go there someday.

    Are you just an AB or also a Diaper Lover? What's your favourite diaper, if I may ask, if you got one? ^_-
    And don't feel too shy to tell us something about your nonabdl interests too!

    Best regards and welcome (again)!

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC! I hope you make some good friends here and find plenty of interesting topics to engage in.

    Are the Plenitud brand of diapers available there in Argentina?

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    thanks a lot!!!^^
    thankies again
    yes, in Argentina in all sites one can buy these ^^

    only i' a ab

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    Hola, KittyMachine. Bienvenidos! Eres una chiquita pequeña si puedes usar una cochesita actual! Que astuto!

    Yo aprendié idioma de español en la universidad, y puedo hablar un pequito.

    Si quierías hablar en linea en el futuro, estaré aquí en manera regular. Pero, otras personas prefieren que hablo el íngles.

    De curiosidad, cual país de donde eres?

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