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Thread: Something new something blue :-)

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    Default Something new something blue :-)

    Alright an introduction it seems is in order.

    I have been in the abdl scene since i was about 14. The interest itself seems to go back much farther though. I figure i'm more of being a cub, then a caretaker by far.

    Other hobbies and the like; Lets see i enjoy photography, i'm a furry i guess. I don't' really have a career, i've done hr, psychology, paralegal, engineering, insurance, management. I appear to be a jack of all trades with a trade in nothing. Which is nice i enjoy doing different things.

    Overall on this site i really just hope to keep up to date with everything going on in the community. Its a great site for the wealth of information the community has on abdl related topics :-)

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    Oh hey, another furry , welcome to ADISC of course!

    Do you mind if i'm asking you which side you discovered at first? Did you got a fursuit already or still just a plan to get/build one over time?

    And ye, you seem to be kinda like a jack of all trades, that's really quite mixed up. Which did you enjoy the most actually?
    Got some other hobbies besides photography? And into which kind of taking a picture are you mostly into, landscape stuff?
    I'm not that much into this myself, honestly, but I really enjoy some well made made pictures in general, be it a drawing or photography.

    Anyway, have fun, I'm sure you will!

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    Welcome, Arctik. Thank you for giving us a good exampled background. You didn't jump right out and state your ABDL interests off the bat.

    I like that. You keep things respectable for a new member, much like I did. I'm sure you'll fit in just fine on the forum.

    And hey, with your diverse experience in the real world, you could learn us a thing or two if we have questions, right?

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