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Thread: New Diaper Storage Idea - Small Locking Filing Cabinet

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    Lightbulb New Diaper Storage Idea - Small Locking Filing Cabinet

    So I'm kind of excited about a new diaper storage idea I stumbled upon this week (and acted upon)

    Although I live in my own home and my wife knows and is accepting, I do have a toddler and regularly have people in my home. I don't really want my stuff 'discovered' accidentally either by snooping relatives who regularly are in my house babysitting my kid or by said kid pulling diapers out and spreading them all over the room for fun (I can only imagine the scene) In addition, we also have cleaning people in our house and just an assortment of other people and I don't care to have to explain my diapers if I don't have to (even though i do have a legitimate excuse in enuresis).

    So here's my solution: a small locking file cabinet from Staples. It costs $90 which is a little steep but the drawers open and close smoothly, it fits perfectly in my closet (and closet doors close), and its inside drawers have no sharp edges whatsoever (no accidentally cutting diapers).

    I can fit a full bag of Dry 24/7 in each drawer -- and there is a little wiggle room to spare! I'm pretty stoked. In the top I have one bag and in the bottom I have my other stuff: covers, powder, etc. Because I order by the case, I keep extra bags in plain cardboard box discretely stored in the garage behind other items so not easily discoverable at all. I'm pretty excited all and all and wanted to share. This might be a good solution for someone who wants to keep diapers away from snooping eyes.

    Note that the locking system isn't super hardcore (if someone wants to get it, they could pry it open and bend the aluminum drawer). But for most people, the fact that's it locked will be a deterrent in my estimation. We shall see I guess.

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    It's a nice idea for someone who needs things a bit more secure. It wouldn't be nearly large enough for me if I cared to use such a system, but it's a good suggestion nonetheless.

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    LOL If that kid wants to know what in there he will find out. They can be stubborn little monsters.

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    Quite right. In fact, the same thing can be said about anyone. If you really want a stash to be secure it also has to hidden. No one should even know that it exists.

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    Awesome idea, won't your child at some point get curious as to whats in the bottom drawer though? For myself I use put my diapers underneath the bottom drawer of my dresser with a piece of plywood on top creating a secret compartment.

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    I like the false bottom tricks. It looks like a normal storage.

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    You might want to test that the lock can't be picked easy, I know I had a thing for doing that when I was a kid.

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    If you want to be super paranoid, you can put a more securely locked container inside your.. locked container!

    The locked drawer is easy to bypass, but doesn't stand out in a room and will keep the casual passerby out. The locked container you put in the drawer can be sturdier.. the kind of case that would draw attention on it's own.. but if they've wedged open your filling cabinet it's not like they are gonna be saying much ;p

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    I had almost the exact same thing when i was living in the dorms, bought at a garage sale for $5, that along with a $30 locking footlocker from walmart under the bed held all of my supplies at the time. for a better price if you do get more you may want to look in walmart or another store, big supply stores like to charge more and it always pays to look around for better deals. before that i had a fake bottom drawer and the rest were hidden in a duffel bag.

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