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Thread: On the lighter side, does your job have any perks?

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    Default On the lighter side, does your job have any perks?

    I posted this to kind of relieve the overall sadness from the Boston Tea and Tea party (straight to hell for that one)
    So, adisc users, does your employment come with perks?
    Like, not health benefits and such, as that's a different topic, but nice things that come with the job.
    For example, I work at subway.
    Whenever a customer is particularly unpleasant, I can pretend I'm 12 years old and draw a mayonnaise-flavored penor. And they're none the wiser.

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    Watch as many free films as I like in the cinema, it isn't supposed to quite work like that but no-one minds so long as you do your job right and don't invite a mob of people. It's kind of a double-edged perk as most of the time it's the last place I want to be during my free time, which causes problems when customers can't be arsed to research what film they want to watch in advance, which is surprisingly often, and expect me to be a walking IMDB on what's currently playing.

    Pocketing all the loose change that falls out of peoples pockets. It quickly adds up.

    Gawking at all the hotties.

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    Sure! I make $30 an hour, and only have to work 3 days a week generally

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    Being a teacher assistant, I often can read while students are taking tests. I also monitor and proctor a lot of standardized tests, and I can read while the students are taking those tests. I did just that today.

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    I am a college student. It's employment, kind of. I guess I am losing money by being here...

    I get to be close to friends. I get to socialize. I get to take interesting classes. I have free access to parties with free alcohol. I have free access to movie showings and performances. I get to live, essentially, in a country club.

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    Lots of perks! I get to work from home and whenever I want (pull all nighters if I am really motivated). I get to be creative and sometimes my job even allows me to travel. I have never considered another field in my life, so to wake up and feel like I am getting to do my dream job everyday is a true blessing.

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    I recently realized that my internet connection at work is 280 down / 60 up.

    Decent view of downtown from my desk. Decent views generally just because of the height.

    Infinite free coffee and tea. Free food no less than once a week from our lab meetings, leftovers from other labs' meetings, and lectures.
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    Free movies and discounts on concession items while I am working. Get a free rewards card that is $12 a year for guests.

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    50% off food under $10, $5 off food over $10.
    Plus, the food that doesn't get used at the end of the night (bacon, fries, chicken pieces, etc.) are up for grabs.
    (I work at a sit-down restaurant/bar)

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    I am a cashier at a grocery store for almost 2 years. Being an union memeber, obviously I get awesome health benefits and stuff. Occasionally, there's free food for the staff in the lounge room, get known awesome regulars, progressing up the wage scale somewhat quick (35 cents raise every 520 hours worked), and awesome staff I work with. They all knew I am lesbian and have no problem at all (make my workplace feel comfortable and friendly). Also, I got many strangers to wave hi to me almost everywhere in the city (despite the population of 30,000+) and make me feel sort of a local celebrity. I am deaf so that stands me out of the cashiers at my work and make me easily remembered apparently.

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