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Thread: Changed in hospital??

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    Default Changed in hospital??

    Has anyone been diapered in a hospital??

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    I have.
    I said I wet the bed and asked the nurse to put it on me as I was in for a surgery and couldn't really move much at all.
    It's not a big deal to the nurses, they do it every day

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    Personally I haven't but if given that situtation, it might be prefered if you tell the nurse, instead of actually wetting the bed and have to have them clean it up.

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    It is a little embarrassing, but they don't make a big deal out of it, it's a common problem with nothing to worry.
    Better be safe than sorry
    at the hospital I had my operation, they gave me Tena Slip (plus and maxi ones)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyperlitegreen View Post
    Has anyone been diapered in a hospital??
    This is kind of an ongoing interest/fantasy of mine that I have moderate embarrassment about. Because I know this however, I would never ask for a diaper if I were to be admitted to the hospital unless I really really actually needed one and even in that case -- I know they have other "solutions". I'd feel pretty guilty about using someone else unknowingly to fulfill a fetish. Id probably let them know that I have night issues with eneuresis and if they want me to use any kind of protection like I do at home. Just leave it up to their prerogative so I'm not manipulating anyone.

    In speaking with my wife, who is a nurse, diaper wearing does happen in the hospitals she has worked in on occasion. however it seems that it often was a last resort used after a patient has had several accidents (and primarily of the #2 variety). As has often been noted by those who suffer from incontinence here on adisc, diapers are almost universally seen by the medical community as the ultimate defeat.

    Oh and I'm young and healthy with no reason to be in the hospital so there's that fact too: I'm not likely to be faced with this "situation" any time soon.

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    I was in the hospital last year for double knee surgery. Was in leg casts and in a hospital bed for about 3 weeks. The nurses thought it would be a good idea for me to be in brief/diapers while i was in there. They had me doing upper body strenght exercises which allowed me to raise up so they could slide the diaper under me. They used a blue attends with 4 tapes. Since i had large hips the tape sometime would come un tapped. The nurses used an extra cloth tape to hold them on. i looked forward to the diaper changes which were alot due to the medication i was on that made me pee all the time. When i went to therapy you could tell i had a diaper on due to the bulge in my shorts, and the crinkle of the diaper.

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    I have, I wrote about it in this thread: (I just now noticed that it's a sub-forum of "Fiction". I don't know if it was named that when I posted it, but in any case, it is an actual story from real life).

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    They will pressure you to take a catheter first before diapers and unless you have a very good reason to not take the Cath (prior infection is no longer an excuse because they have external catheters Now) they will continuously push for a catheter. They hate diapers. They are expensive, bad for your skin, extra work for the nurse and messy to dispose of.

    I say this out of experience (personally dealing with IC). They really dislike it and I personally had to deal with poor attitude of nurses when I insisted on diapers because catheters are very uncomfortable. They treated me like I was inconvenienceing them by needing them. Not a very good experience. Some nurses didn't care and were supportive but not many. If you know you're gonna be having a hospital stay...... Bring your own. Less attitude

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    Because I am incontinent and wear all the time, I have been changed while in the hospital. I even wore my diaper into the surgery room and I know they removed it or undid it for the surgery and when I woke up in recovery I had my diaper back on. The one hospital, I ran out of my diapers and had to use theirs till someone brought me more. Those were the worst diapers I have ever seen or used. One wetting and I was leaking everywhere and had to have the diaper changed, padding changed, and my gown too. Thankfully I was only in those for less than a day.

    While I was in the hospital, if I could change myself, I would, so when there were times that I couldn't, the nurses were very helpful and respectful too.

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    I had just the opposite problem. In 1986 I had a benign tumor removed from the nerves in my spine. Because it was so traumatic to the nerves, I couldn't pee, and so they catheterized me. The only way they would release me was for me to learn how to catheterize myself, since they thought the condition could be permanent. An older female nurse taught me, handling the equipment, which was a bit embarrassing, to say the least. It was at least a month before things started working again.

    Now I'm going to have to face similar surgery as bone spurs have grown into those same nerves, a result from the old surgery. In addition, I also have a cyst on the inside wall of the spine and that will have to be removed. My fear is that I won't be able to pee after the surgery. I'd rather be incontinent than its opposite.

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