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    Has anyone purchased from Nice Diaper in China? I have gotten a couple items from them and they seem to be good quality. Just have to be patient as shipping time is like a month.

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    I'be bought fuubuu japanese style plastic pants, they fit over disposable diapers but not over cloth because the just don't have enough room in them at all, also the legs are small on them.
    I haven't tried their cloth diapers, but their profile are for people with skinnier legs.

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    I made an order a while ago and the quality is hit and miss. No complaints about the japanese style diaper cover. The velcro winnie the pooh diaper is very soft and absorbent but I don't know how many more dryer cycles the hook side of the velcro will last; It look like it is melting. The plastic pants have held up but the don't have a defined from and back so the fit is a bit off. The only real fail I have from them is the PUL pull on pants which leak through the fabric.

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    A ha ha leak through the fabric , sounds like some high quality products!

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