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    Hello, I'm new here. I guess you should know that I am an avid singer/songwriter of all sorts of genres. I would consider myself a Christian hipster of sorts (although it pains me to refer to myself as a hipster...) I have a passion for soccer, primarily Celtic F.C. (Hail, Hail!) and Manchester City. I would consider myself a DL mostly, although I tend to dabble a bit in the AB spectrum. I guess I'm just interested in exploring this further and getting to know others who have the same tendencies as I do. Soooo...yeah. That's about it.

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    Hey ya celticfan33 and welcome to ADISC of course!

    Being a christian hipster sounds kinda funny, to be honest . Are you also dressing kinda hipster like? Although despite the hate from some people, and other stuff, somehow I love these outfits on boys. Seems so nicely grungy.... but i'm a 90's kid, so this explains this somehow.

    Which are your favourite genre for songwriting, if I may ask. And which do you prefer for listening and/or your inspiration?

    If you got some questions, since you're still unsure, just ask! Everyone is really nice and willing to help, don't be too shy!

    Anyway, have fun and don't be a stranger!

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    Welcome to adisc, lots of friends to be had here. I too am mostly a DL, and you will find many others with similar interests ehre

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    Hi, celticfan33! It's good to know you have a diverse array of interests, even into the art scene.

    While I don't know what a real "hipster" is, I can guarantee you'll like the time you spend here. Who knows, maybe you can teach us a thing or two about music technicals.

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