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    Who has a certain territory where you make the rounds of non-conventional sources of diapers such as swap meets, garage sales and thrift stores? How protective are you/ do you worry about other DLs buying out your spots or do you pass your finds along to others at munches/ meetups?

    I had a rather productive day at a local thrift store but I don't expect to come back next week and find more of the same diapers there that I had to leave behind today, but as I was loading my backpack I thought of how surfers discover the best spots and won't tell their friends where

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    I often make the my rounds to stores trying to find old baby diapers to add to my collection but dont really worry about other DL's its more of the average shoppers that buy them up.

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    I recently researched where all the nearby thrift stores are and setup a route I take to hunt for diapers. I usually find something worth buying, and a whole lot not worth buying. It's just like normal shopping for me, though I still get a little shy when checking out the diapers when people are nearby. They are public stores, so I don't understand how someone could be protective of them and their stocks, heh. In fact every time someone asks where they can get diapers I always point to thrift stores.

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    This is a fun topic, I sometimes wonder how many other AB/DL are even in my area, never mind how many others I may be competing against for the coveted prizes, really and truly unless they are vintage/adult diapers, I'm sure the general public makes more purchases the other AB/DL

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    You know I have never founds adult diapers in any thrift store, although I did get a whinnie the pooh footie sleeper from a salvation army for 3 bucks once, although it didn't fit me or my bf ><.

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    Thrift stores! I totally forgot that they carry adult diapers! But yeah Ive never run into another person my age while I make a diaper run. I just assumed that the abdl fetish is kind of rare (could be wrong), I think my bigger competition for buying premium diapers from stores would be from the people who actually need them for medical reasons. Though knowing that, I would probably feel better knowing that someone like that got the last pack.

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    My raison pour postante was that thrift stores and garage sales have much more transient inventory, while the swap meets are more organized and you see the same core sellers out there almost every weekend. Part of me wanted to share the news of my latest find, since I know of 1 DL (through here) that lives in the area. What I scored wasn't his brand of choice but the possibility of indirect networking could get the good diapers into appreciative hands. From what I've seen the swap meets all appear to sell Depends and generics. Strangely enough, no Goodnites! At least the one I shopped at; I nearly did get a pack of adjustable Depends as an emergency supply but I didn't have anywhere to haul them home unnoticed. Anyway I'm always looking for options on the weekends, when the medical supply stores are closed

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