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Thread: I don't understand why people want to use baby size diapers that won't fit them.

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    Default I don't understand why people want to use baby size diapers that won't fit them.

    This has been on my mind for awhile now. These diapers obviously won't fit very well, nor can they be used to any reasonable extent by an adult. When I see pics of people wearing (or barely fitting into) them, it just looks downright uncomfortable for the wearer. I can't see how anyone would be satisfied by this.

    Anyone want to shed some light?


    Defensive posts abound in this thread! I wasn't looking to offend or criticize anyone for what they enjoy. I'm looking for rationale. Sorry if anyone took this question as an attack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Endurlay View Post
    Anyone want to shed some light?
    Change the thread topic to "I don't understand why people want to wear diapers" and you've got your answer.

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    Everybody is different. Some people can squeeze into them. They can be fun for shorter wearing time. They can hold a bit of use (more than Goodnites)... Some people want to have baby look and feel..... Easy to buy in every country...
    That is probably a start...


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    Hi, Endurlay. That's a great question you have there.

    I think it's the hope of fulfilling a desire to physically BE little again. And while a myriad of possibilities exist to explain this phenomenon, perhaps in this context it's because baby diapers are actual products for babies.

    Maybe this fact stimulates a wearer's mind more than an image of larger, adult-purposed diapers.

    I know I got a thrill when I was younger saying to myself, "If only I was small enough to wear these properly again."

    Then again, from my experience, if you have a sexual connection with wearing diapers, seeing others such as females in tight skimpy diapers can be quite interesting. If not novelty and fantasy, then it's dreaming and the dare to have actual application.

    Besides, it would be too easy and typical if ABDLs bought and focused solely on correctly sized products. This wouldn't have the same mental impact to stir up questions in the first place.

    Know what I'm saying?

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    Availability was my reasoning. Baby diapers weren't optimal however at that time they served their purpose. I couldn't go back to them now in quite the same way.
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    Default I don't understand why people want to use baby size diapers that won't fit them.

    Quote Originally Posted by irnub View Post
    Change the thread topic to "I don't understand why people want to wear diapers" and you've got your answer.
    That... doesn't really work.

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    As mentioned above, availabilty and the if I want to be more like a baby or toddler, then I want to wear those size diapers.

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    There must be a bunch of reasons. My reason is that I like diapers, all kinds of diapers. At my age you can figure I started out wearing cloth and plastic. When disposables came along I learned to like them too. If it weren't for being a huge moose (somewhere near 260 pounds), I'd be tempted to get diapers intended for babys too. Too tight is nice sometimes too. It would be hard to forget they were there for sure.
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    I'm totally not into baby diapers or anything babyish, I like to pretend I'm incontinent so just wear incontinence related material.

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    Most of them probably want to wear baby diapers, but don't have access to the much more difficult to acquire adult baby diapers out there. Baby diapers are cheap, plentiful, and very easy to obtain. I use them myself as stuffers in my normal adult diapers since they contain so much sap (which absorbs a lot). More often than not they are cheaper than buying diaper stuffers, and add roughly the same amount of capacity. Not to mention they have the baby print and baby diaper smell that many seek.

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