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Thread: i feel all alone now

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    Unhappy i feel all alone now

    i feel really down now my beloved pet dog of 15x yrs has just died. along with my dad who died last yr , i feel like whats the point in carrying on, i get bullied at work, i get people staring at me and poking fun of me when i walk down the street.

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    Losing a loved one is a terrible experience. I'm sorry.

    It's sad when they go, but they never leave your heart and memory. Keep them alive by enduring on.

    May I ask what you think could be drawing this negative attention to you? Being stared at/made fun of while minding your own business on any kind of consistent basis is fairly unusual

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    You should bring the bullying to the attention of management. If they are partaking as well, then I suggest to find another source of employment. You shouldn't have to go through that as an employee, do something about it.

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    Hi, starman. Sharing a personal aspect of your life makes you stronger than you think.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    It absolutely takes guts to admit you have a problem that spills over into your public life, such as at work.

    I am sorry about your special companion, of which nobody will ever understand or know how deep of a loving bond you had. I am also sorry for your father's passing. You have my condolences.

    While I don't know your father personally, his positive affect must outweigh the negative things he's done in your life, including a sense of loving leadership and kindness.

    I say this because, honestly, I don't see you badmouthing him on here for the bad things he did like so many young adults I have met from different families. So kudos, there is hope in your life yet.

    I too, have been down the road of hopeless hell. You're always walking up hill, and out of breath, ready to give it all up and lie on the floor, staring into space forever.

    But, much can be done to slowly improve yourself, and get back up like I did, only stronger.

    Your overall energy is your vibe you give out to people, especially in your thoughts.

    And if you have crummy thoughts, you will attract those co-workers and members of the public to attack you right in your weak spots. This can leave you feeling assaulted inside, rejected, like the world has a vendetta out for you.

    Yes, I do study the Law of Attraction. And it's OK to feel the way you do, in fact, you have a right to feel this way about your life and your dog and your father. But we can improve ourselves and stand tall again.

    The key here is to actually let those overwhelming emotions flow through you. Scream them from a mountain top as loud as you can.

    Do an exercise called the "empty chair." Imagine yourself in the kitchen sitting on one of your chairs. Now imagine a copy of you yelling everything that is wrong with you back into the person sitting in the chair.

    All the wrong memories, all the pain and misery, one chronological piece of history at a time that's led you to this feeling you have in your chest, fluttering in your heart right now.

    Breathe deeply. Then, think of at least one good memory that filled you with love at the time. Think on a respective loving good feeling and use it to replace the bad one.

    Who knows? Maybe it was that time your dad bought you ice cream, you dropped it, and he gave you his and smiled with a hug. Practice this a little at a time in your daily life.

    Now, don't jump too far. Start slow, replacing one bad memory that springs up a day with a memory that is full of love, positivity and good feeling.

    Then over the course of several weeks, you may find your attitude changed.

    And someday later, not now, you will be strong enough to move on, and show the blessed spirits of your dog and father that you're standing tall with confidence to honor them.

    I myself did this to honor the memory of my hard-working and sacrificing grand dad, my dad's father.

    I mean, ask yourself, would you rather show them you fill your heart with love and cherish them, or that you fill your heart with emptiness and grief?

    To motivate you during the process, you may wish to keep a "grattitude journal" like I do of the little or big things you're grateful for.

    The same process applies. For example, after you get home from work, Just quickly write one thing down per day about what actually went right.

    Yes, it can be something as small as someone opening a door for you at a shop.

    Best wishes, friend. Healing may be difficult, but it is rewarding.

    Now, I have to ask, do you have any special good memories or times you spent with your dog or father?

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    i dont know what attracted the bullying at work may be i think its that i dont go out drinking and smoking .(non smoker has to stand quite away from them.) i cant complain to union rep as he is also making my life hell.
    i have always been bullied , i mean like at my last employmers , i written into the daily sport once , they found it hilarious, .
    my dad was disabled after having an accident at his work .then when he died i had my dog for comfort.
    the hardest thing loosing my dog this weekend , she was my sole companion. i am still crying every time i think of it.
    i found out that i have a speech impediment thanks to having innoc jab when i was a baby.
    but i have to try and get through now one day at time.

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