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    I am about to go for my first annual review with my continence nurse. Currently I get provided with pads. Does anyone have any experience of other products being provided and if so, what were they and how did you get them. I'm thinking of bed pads, waterproof sheets, pants, nappies and swim wear etc

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    What you can get depends on which PCT you fall under, and its worth bearing in mind that not all of the PCTs have any responsibility to even provide you with anything for incontinence.

    I quote direct from the guidelines:

    The PCT does not have any statutory or legal duty to provide continence
    products; however appropriate products can be supplied by the current
    tender provider to named individuals for whom the management of
    incontinence is a priority of care.

    Also really does depend on whats "wrong" with you... "Wrong" was the term used by my continence nurse :p earned her a wtf look :p

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    I have both pads and catheters provided by the NHS and it's my incontinence nurse who organises both of these. I didn't request the catheters, they were reccommended by my urologist due to retention issues. It never even occurred to me to ask for other products.

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    It varies a lot according to PCT. In Sheffield I was initially offered the male drip pads - which I said would be useless given the amount I move and the type of underwear I use. I was given some Euron Wings but found that they leaked far too much, so now I'm on Euron nappy style pads. They're actually some of the best products I've ever used, fitting much better than I find Tenas do.

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    I like Euron nappies a lot. I just don't like the company that sells them in the UK. (Actually there are two, the other one is way over-priced).

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