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Thread: Best plan to get diapers? Yes/No

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    Default Best plan to get diapers? Yes/No

    I have a plan, my whole plan is designed to get what I want. I am a diaper lover and i am sick of hiding diapers and having MORE stress build on me of thinking im going to get caught then it being released when im in diapers. My parents are separated, most of the time im at my moms. I have already told my parents about this when I was 11.

    My dad did not care just said as long as i was in my room. I understand why only in my room and its because I have 2 younger siblings that dont need to know (at least at the moment). my mother on the other hand said she did NOT wan them in the house PERIOD! She also said she would rather me be gay (Im straight). After I told my parents they talked and came to the conclusion that it was just for attention.

    More info read this post:

    My mother is home for 3 hours a day and all she does in scream at me in those 3 hours. Reason I wont more to my dads is because at my moms I have my animals and my grandmother living in a suite downstairs.

    My plan is to change my mothers mind about the whole thing and let me wear them freely. This way I can go about my day without be stressed about being caught and just be who i really am.

    I want your guy's opinion on this plan and see if i should go about it or even if you could give me some advise to get a around or what not.

    Plan: I want to wait for the discussion to come up were she (mother) will ask me, "why d you have such a bad additude?". Then I will say it because of all the stress i get due to "her", "school" etc. Then I will say "There are only 2 things that release my stress and relax me and will help with my additude and school work.". She will ask what it is; I will say "Diapers and smoking." (I have never smoked in my life and never plan on it) Now after that she will probably ask when have i smoked i will say, "A few times but im not addicted.". Then two things are possible:

    1. Says ok to diapers were it does not damage my body and/or anyone else. (She would NEVER take smoking over diapers)

    2. Totally freak and not accept any of them. Then I will say "If you cant accept it then you can't accept me!". I will pack my things then officially move in with my father.

    What do you think? Would this work?

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    i wouldnt reccommend getting yourself in trouble like that

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