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Thread: Onesie discovered by younger sibling!

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    Default Onesie discovered by younger sibling!

    Today, I needed to do laundry other then my clothes I needed also to wash my onesie . After an hour or less my sister comes upstairs to my room and asks,
    "Can you please cycle your laundry"? So I get down to the basement, and I see that the washer is allready open!
    She didn't say anything, but her room is right across the hallway from the washer and dryer area. Her door was open.I was silent like I usually am, but I couldn't help see her looking out of the corner of my eye. I am suddenly finding myself in a whole new situtation Iv'e never been in. Has anyone here dealt with situtations like this before?


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    That depends on your definition of onesie, footie PJs or snap crotch tee shirt. Footie PJs are increasingly popular with the general population not just us AB/DLs and should be easy to explain. A true onesie is a baby only item and your best hope is a trust and understanding witih your sister.

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    Yeah, it all depends on which type of Onesie you're talking about here. We'll be able to work through the situation a bit more from there.

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    the first thing is, are you sure she actually saw it?

    I'd wait to see if she brings it up and then explain it to her

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    If it was still in the washer, I doubt that she saw it. After the last spin cycle, all the laundry gets flattened along the outside rim of the tub. I suspect that all the laundry looked the same. I think you're safe.

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    Don't suspect she's seen it until she actually asks you about it, otherwise you'll have unnecessary stress, which isn't good for you.

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    Yeah, I gotta agree with everybody else, as long as she doesn't ask you anything directly about it. You shouldn't really be worrying about it that much. Just go with it until she comes out and asks you about it to your face.

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    Onesies goes in the skirt category
    Its "normal" for girls to use it
    not so much for boys

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    I've never seen a girl with an onesie before, also my equal age to me room mate who knows nothing about my diapers and tb/furry stuff (I think) said my footed sleeper was cool :P although weird. but I said more people are wearing them in winter since it's cold, and people in colder countries like the UK wear them, he just said they're cool :P don't always think it will end up bad! My room mate first said it's odd, than he said it's cool, so first words are not always that important. your sister might just tease you that it's childish or something but I don't think it would be a long lived thing, you're just more paranoid about it since your hiding it. I know how it is :P I've been there

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    Default Re: Onesie discovered by younger sibling!

    Ok sorry for not clarifiying . It is a BabyPants adult onesie XS , Jungle friends, and yes she did see it. The washer door on top was open when I went down there, and the onesie looked like it had been pulled to the top or it was allready like that before.

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