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Thread: Found Out As A Bedwetter

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    Default Found Out As A Bedwetter

    Hi everyone!

    I wonder if anyone else has had my experience. I was a bed wetter until about 20 and I'm 31 now. I was found out by a girl friend who went in my closet while I was talking to my mom in the next room. My closet doors were usually always closed but I guess not this time. She did do some snooping because the doors weren't totally open, though.

    Any way, she asked me on the phone later that day why I had diapers and I told her the truth. She broke it off pretty soon after (she was 16) and then told everyone at her school (I went to an all guys school). It wasn't exactly the largest town so quite a few people I knew found out and it was always embarrassing. Most people didnt say anything but knowing they knew always made me feel...smaller, I guess. Like they knew my secret and that gave them an advantage.

    I just was curious if anyone else who has/had bedwetting problems were found out?

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    Strangely enough, I was always more embarassed that my grandparents knew. It's probably best that you found out she couldn't be trusted when your back was turned, and I think that her asking on the phone instead of in-person shows integrity issues, especially supported by her need to inform others who had no stake in the matter. I myself growing up, would wake up almost every day dreading the coming interaction with my parents who acted toward me as though they believed I was doing it out of pure enjoyment

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    When I was 12 my girlfriend walked into my room one morning and there I lay uncovered. She never said a word to anybody about it even years and years later after we were no longer close. The moral.. good women are out there.

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    When I was growing up cloth diapers were the only thing out there. My friend 3 doors down and my self had medical problems and mothers used clothes lines
    so it was like a flag blowing in the wind. Cloth diapers don't hide to well under shorts and regular clothes.

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    That awkward moment when your friend sat on your bed and made that weird face after hearing a plastic crinkling sound O.O

    - - - Updated - - -

    My mom always put rely awful crinkly plastic sheets over my nice discrete soft cover....soooo awkward, I hated that..... especially if a friend happened by and I was not prepared.

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    my mum and now my sister know, it's not bad, they don't really ask about it so it's all good. my crush knows about it, and saw my diapers a few years ago (and she's still my crush >.> and was my childhood friend). She actually was really interested and wanted to see my diapers which I was surprised by! considering last time she saw them she asked why I had diapers in one of my drawers, and I said a bad probably seethrough lie that it was for when a certain kid sleeps over <.< I later confessed they where mine, but at that point she wanted to see them, but I had them moved into a cupboard thing that had some baby stuff in there, so I didn't let her see it.. Which I now regret (she wanted to see my cute diapers, not it's not a fantasy and I'm not joking. it was super embarrassing). Lucky for me she still likes me and actually admits to loving me, so I'm fairly sure she will be fine with them when I ask her out and we go out with each other. Since we're childhood friends, I think she wouldn't think much of it. It was really scary when she found them the first time though. I'm also quite sure my room mate knows, but doesn't really care.

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    I have yet to be "found out" - other than with my spouse who discovered it on the first night it happened. I think I have mentioned that I told my doctors about it as well...but that wasn't really being "found out" either per se.

    However, I do have a true story about a friend of mine from grade school who was "found out" by myself and another of our mutual friends when we were in 3rd or 4th grade (and I suspect it might have some play in my development of DL). The three of us were good friends and A___ had invited myself and our other friend over to play at his house one Sunday...this had never happened before but I had never really thought anything of it; his parents were divorced and his house was kinda small and depressing. We lived out in the country and had some acreage with lots of fun things to do and our other friend lived in town close to the park so these tended to be the locations of choice. Anyways, we were all over playing at A__'s house -- mostly outside -- and then I remember being in the living room playing, watching tv, etc. No big deal. Then, he invited us to go play in his bedroom but right before we walked in the door he turned around and stopped us and got all serious like he had been waiting to tell us something. He said that his room was kinda "dirty" because he had a bedwetting problem and that he would appreciate it if we would keep it a secret...that he hand't ever told anyone.

    We were both like, "Uhmmmmmhm, yeah. No problem. That's fine." My siblings both wet the bed still at that point and I perhaps was getting curious about diapers. Anyways, so he opens the door and the odor was impressive (not in a good way). Today I wonder how his mom allowed him to live like that -- it was profoundly bad -- like the sheets never got changed ever... Now, I've never been a bedwetter as a kid so I don't really know how odors go but I know as an adult I shower and soap every time it happens and wash bedding every time there is a leak and we don't have issues with that smell. Anyways, it was bad in his room.
    My other friend and I, tried to play it off and ignore it and just go with the flow but it was hard. We played in his room for a while and at one point I remember he or I or the third friend opening a lower cupboard to find legos or something and in that was a large bag of old-school pampers diapers. He was really embarrassed for us to see those and I can't remember what he said in response but we didn't say anything.

    Later that same night, we had a sleepover at the third friends house and A___ wet the bed (was not wearing one of his diapers) but played it off as "sweating a lot." He kind of actually acted like he was excited in the morning and showed us how he hadn't wet the bed...only sweat a bunch. Later my other friend's mom was pissed off because she had to have the floor cleaned.

    Anyways - thought I would share that. Apologies if it sounds like an inappropriate "sighting" story or something....just seemed like it fit with this thread and it is a true story I had yet to share here.

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    I was a pretty hardcore bedwetter until I was 17. Two of my closest guy friends were the only ones who knew and were pretty cool about it, never giving me a hard time...and that was a blessing in high school lol. But there was one time when I was in the 6th grade I ran into another guy friend who was just a "school friend" in the store. And sure enough...there were two packs of Goodnights in my cart. I nervously tried to pass them off as being for a cousin who was coming to visit because he knew I didn't have any siblings. Ugh. I don't think he ever said anything to anybody because it never got back around to me...but it was still quite nerve wracking in the least.

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    I worried more about being found out as a kid then I do now
    when I was in elementary school i was found out and I was scared to death about the other kids at school finding out.
    I'm sure many of them wet too, but nobody was going to admit it.

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    Everybody in the neighborhood knew I wet the bed because my dad threw one of my mattresses away and put it at the curb with the stain on full display. They still blame my bed wetting on laziness, but are understanding if one of my kids wets the bed while spending the night.

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