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    Default Booster help?

    Hey guys I'll be ordering new diapers soon and I'm wondering which boosters or stuffers to get as im curious.

    Ive looked at Abri San but I don't know any other kinds, could you recommend me some?

    Also would you be able to help with the sizing of them Abri San? I fit a S and M is a tad too big when i wear Abri Form.

    I want boosters that I can use with DryNites too if possible because they are so fun.

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    Hi Pad. I have limited experience with boosters, but all I will mention is - make sure they are not too wide for the crotch of the diaper you intend them to go in. They really need to fit well within the diaper's leak guards. If they are too wide you will leak at the crotch long before you would if you were just in the diaper. For this reason I would choose smaller size inserts.

    For your DryNites/Goodnites I think several of the adult diaper boosters could just be too wide, so perhaps consider heavy absorbency female incontinence pad (Tena Lady etc). You can insert two in them, front to back. Make some small holes in their plastic backing.

    Good luck

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    Pad - I notice you are in the UK, so take a look at the link below:
    LILLE HEALTHCARE CLASSIC Pad Extra Booster Pads (600ml) Pack of 30 - Booster Pads - Incontinence Pads and Stretch Pants
    These are narrow booster pads that will fit in anything. You can ALMOST fit 2 side by side in a regular diaper between the leak guards. There is only about an inch overlap. I am able to stack up to 4 of them in my diaper before I get any leak problems, although if you want more absorbency I would recommend you get the full size lille boosters that you can get 3 inside before experiencing a leak, and just not to expect them to work in goodnites.

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