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Thread: told my gf! awesome

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    Default told my gf! awesome

    so as i search i find that this gets posted alot but i figure people might like to know (and if this is not the right place to tell i apologize!)

    so i told my gf about my diaper fetish essentially, and she said that she was willing to try it cause it made me happy and so she started off just by sleeping in the them (which she doesn't mind at all).

    less than a week later she said she had to go to the bathroom so i told her just to go (jokingly at first) but she (being awesome that she is) said ok stood up and went...she tried going laying down but didn't work haha)

    she was wearing a diaper and trying on dresses for the spring and she had mentioned that she wanted to go to a movie and i said in that? and she said sure so once again in like a week, there we are in public (she was wearing sweatpants which was fine) she is in public walking around in one....

    shes great the only thing she said she is trying to wrap her head around is that she was always under the impression that diapers were for babies and old she is getting over that and once she goes pee (hasnt gotten the courage for #2 yet ha) she wants it off right away which im not complaining about! anyway just thought id share

    TL;DR told gf about diaper fetish, turns out great idea

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    sorry you feel that way, but i would have no reason to lie to anyone so....

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    Hi, Wiitarded. Congratulations on finding a wonderful partner!

    All you have to do now is support what she can do, and let her keep adapting and going a little deeper each time. Then establish a healthy compromise. Remember to keep ideas fresh, and toss in some logic now and then.

    I guarantee if you two keep up the great teamwork, you'll have to put a ring on that finger, bro.

    All I know is I'm happy that you're happy.

    Best wishes.

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    thanks proffesorbock! ya i never pressure anything, don't want to push anything of course ha, just letting her go at her own pace which works for me, anything is in positive direction so its all good, oh and don't worry i plan or putting a ring on that finger haha thanks for the support!

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    There are many people that will indeed react this way. So for what its worth, I believe you.

    Congratulations on finding someone who is open minded enough to join you..!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiitarded View Post
    sorry you feel that way, but i would have no reason to lie to anyone so....
    Not trying to be rude to you. But it was your third post. "Most" of the time people post things similar to this they are lying. If it's true, you are very lucky!!

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    thanks a lot! im sure i will be around posting more now haha

    and @baby_mike i completely understand, i can see how its sketchy no hard feelings! and thanks!

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