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Thread: Good discreet diaper that can hold a full bladder?

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    Default Good discreet diaper that can hold a full bladder?

    Hello, I just recently bought the "Tena Briefs". Very comfortable if you can get them on right! This is my first time in a "real" diaper. Pullups just are not the same! You need skill for real diapers, anyways I find that the Tena's are kinda noisy and im not the one that cares for plastic backing i just want something i can enjoy myself in but yet be discreet, any Ideas?

    Also if you could please help on other post that would be much appreciated!


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    What kind of Tena you got?
    Tena Ultra are discreet enough and will take a full bladder one shot or several smaller wettings.
    Tena Super will hold all night long, but they are limit for daytime discreetness. They are a bit builky to walk in.

    ATN are cheap. They swell a lot and will sag when wet. You won't have the confort and security needed for daytime wearing in public.

    If you can, I highly suggest Molicare products. The Premium Soft line is awsome. The Premium Soft Super will be an excellent choice for both daytime and night time use. They hold a lot, swell a lot but stay manageable under clothings. They don't sag at all.

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    Im in canada and the products are different. I have the Tena brief ultimate. Product Line - TENA

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    I'm in canada too.
    Look like they renamed the Super for Ultima.
    Same thing.
    I still see them marked as Super in stores or where I order them.

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    Where are you in canada?

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    Default Re: Good discreet diaper that can hold a full bladder?

    It depends on the capacity of your bladder. Most "discreet" diapers are thin. If you're talking cloth backed, most cloth backed aren't really sufficient beyond 16oz. Then press-out may be a problem. If you want capacity, bulk isn't terrible to hide. Loose clothing should be enough to conceal it. You can't really have discreet AND capacity.

    Tena USA/Canada isn't all that great. Their Super briefs have degraded in quality.

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    I often use the Abena M2 as a very good, discreet daytime diaper. While plastic-backed, it usually lasts 4-6 hours between changes and is fairly quiet under clothing.

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