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Thread: My baby!!!! (My skateboard broke)

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    Default My baby!!!! (My skateboard broke)

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    Today it was hit by a car :*(

    its my first board... my friend says its fixable cause he fixed his before...
    do you think its worth buying another or should i fix it.

    if its a fix then how would i go about doing this... he said i could just shave off the rough part and use epoxy and carbon fiber to fix the crack... but how would i put on the trucks?

    any help would be... well helpfull

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    I have no experience with skateboard repair, but I do use a lot of epoxy and I know from personal experince that it can be tough as nails if used correctly. You can get a decent tube of epoxy at any hard ware store for like $10-$15, but I don't know how much you need for this repair. With the whole installing the trucks again thing, you'd just have to redrill the holes etc. to make sure you can reattach them the same as before. If you follow the directions on the epoxy and make sure the expoxy is fully cured before you do anything with the board, you might be able to have a usable board again.

    Epoxy dries very hard, it'll probably dry tougher than the actuall wood the board is made of, but whether or not it will dry correctly and keep the two pieces together I am unsure of. Good luck though.

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    I hardly recognized it as a deck. If it's CF you'll need to grind off all the loose strands so it's somewhat flush. Epoxy is a good material but most fiberglass and carbon fiber products are potted in polyester resin (the clear stuff). Home Depot, AutoZone, et al. carry it as 'fiberglass resin' and it runs about $30/ gallon. Be careful not to get bubbles in it. Probably just as well to get a Penny board if you expect to collide with large and hard objects

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    ok yeah for got to put it as a longboard... downhill longboard to be exact lol.... i forgot to put it in the discription and the mod changed the tittle to "broke my skateboard"

    its a landyatchz longboard (switch) and its all maple wood and im just going to leave it and just get another... its to nice to do anything to it so i might as well get a new one lol.

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