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    I have been recieving a payment of 30 USD a month to "Changing Times" on my bank statement. I want to cancel this membership but I did it so long ago I cannot remember which website this is. Does anyone know?

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    Does anyone know what website this billing is attached to?

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    please I need a quite urgent response

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    You could call your credit card company and have them help you, or just cancel your credit card and get a new one.

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    Why not visit your bank and block all future payments out to this company? Once its cancelled on your bank's side they can't take any money from you, and if they try (and fail) they will contact you about it if they care, and you will be able to explain it all to them and sort it out too.

    I don't recognize Changing Times, but my suggestion above should help.

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    On your statement, there should be a phone number listed with the transaction. If not, call up the credit card company and ask for it. Call it and ask for the details of the transaction, what the payments are for, and when an agreement to the payments was made. Ask them to cancel immediately. Make a note of the date and time you make this call. Watch for next month's statement. If there's another charge, call up the company that issued the card and tell them you want to file a chargeback on ALL payments made to this company as you're being billed without authorization.

    Have you made any potentially embarrassing purchases recently? It's common practice for adult books stores and strip clubs and such to bill under a vague and innocuous name so that the client won't have to answer to a spouse when the statement comes in. I once bought porn from a local adult store and the charge appeared as "[town name] News Agency".

    Quote Originally Posted by Naleas View Post
    You could call your credit card company and have them help you, or just cancel your credit card and get a new one.
    Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. I also did this once and the way Visa processed the order was simply to send me a replacement card- which meant that all the recurring payments kept coming through. You need to be issued an entirely new card to kill off recurring charges. There's a lingo for this but I can't recall what it is.

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