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    I'm currently 19 in college, male. Ive been a DL since I was about 13 and am trying to figure it out still

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    Hi there repaid05, and welcome to our site. This is a wonderful place with many supportive members who will gladly share their wisdom and experience with you to help you to learn to better understand this.

    Can I suggest that share a little bit more about yourself with us so that we get more of a sense of who you are and what you're about. You'll probably notice pretty quickly that we don't always just talk about ABDL stuff... we support each other through sharing the other interests in our lives also. once again, welcome and good luck finding your way round.

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    Hi, repaid05. Welcome to the forum. Here you'll find a supportive community that can listen to your thoughts, offer advice, general comfort and many other elements.

    First, I want to say I consider this very adult of you to come on here with a healthy sense of curiosity. Your desire to connect shows me you want to learn and fill a void in your life.

    It's only natural. However, I will not put you down and call you a "youngin'" just because I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor's in Journalism and am almost 25 and know this and that and blah blah blah.

    My role is not to lecture you, because you probably get plenty of that in your life. I know I did when I was your age.

    What I will do is take the time to know you and answer questions you have.

    No, I don't know everything, and yes I make tons of mistakes, but I have been around. Life does kick you about like a pop can from time to time and you learn from it.

    So, feel free to explore all the topics, and even write about new ones.

    And, ask away.

    Shucks, I'm still trying to "figure it out" myself. Turns out there's no single answer or coincidences, only more happenings and results.

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    I had a bit of a time figuring it out too. Jumping from the dark ages (the 70's, when, as far as I knew, I might just be unique) to the 80's... when I found out that since there were expressions like "Paraphilic infantilism", (a paraphilia involving the desire to wear diapers and/or fantasies of a return to infancy... says wiki) .Since it had a name we could presume there were others into it... But all the info I was able to find up until the internet got going made me figure ah! I must be "adult baby" - except that I wasn't into aeplay or childish toys or any of that... (great, I thought: even among the odd people I am odd.)

    Well cut to the present: yes, we diaper fetishists exist, separately from the tb's and ab's. Obviously there's overlap. Some *b's (ab/tb) are into the outer clothes and paraphernalia and roleplaying, but not even really the diapers. I know of a bunch of ageplayers who roleplay being around 5-8 or so and want nothing to do with diapers.

    Then again there are those among us who simply had a driving obsession with plastic pants (or disposables... as long as they are plastic-backed... shiny please!) without being ab. No bibs and bottles for us.

    We come in all flavors as far as our tendencies and preferences go. Gay, straight, bi, asexual. Male, female and transgender, in both directions. When you throw stuff like being furry or not in the mix, and cross-dressing, it is plain how confusing things can get!

    Many include various types of bondage, domination, or sadism/masochism in how they go about enjoying diapers, humiliation in various forms being a popular fantasy/roleplay.

    You are you. What feels good or right to you is up to you, there is no "correct" way of the thing. Hope that helped...

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