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    So, in the last week I've worn 7 of the first 8 diapers I have ever had. I've loved diapers since I was 2 or 3 but I finally did it and ordered some sample packs of Cushies, Teddies and Fabines. I didn't know what to expect. I've dreamed of diapers for years but I now have them. Anyway, yesterday I went diapered all day. Wore a Cushie for about 2 hours before I had to mess. I didn't want to waste a diaper and was afraid I wouldn't be able to re-tape it on after I went to the toilet so I reluctantly messed it. While it felt GREAT, like many people have said, clean up was hell and I don't think I'll be doing much of that anytime soon. Anyway, I then changed into another Cushie and wore it for about 4 hours and wet it 3 or 4 good times without a problem. Then I changed into a Teddy Bambino and wore it for 17 hours without a single problem. I wet it many, many times and slept all night with it on and I'm a side sleeper. I wore all of these diapers around the house under my clothes in front of everyone and nobody noticed. My real point is, I knew I loved diapers, I knew I wanted diapers but I didn't know that I'd want to wear them all the time! Well maybe not ALL the time but at least when I'm home. I didn't know how happy they'd make me. I've always considered myself AB/DL but when I'm wearing a diaper there is no DL thoughts in my mind. Diapers have always been a turn on for me but when I wear I just feel safe, secure and comfortable. I suffer from depression and when I'm diapered it all melts away and I'm happy for the first time in a long while. I may be hooked already! I changed out of my Teddy about an hour and a half ago and haven't felt the same since. I only have one diaper left and I'm saving it but I already feel like a part of me is missing. I think I may be addicted. I just didn't know diapers would make me feel so much happy!

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    yeah i know how you feel i have had some dark times too think im a bit bipolar maybe well my fam say so ^^ lol anyway i think you are a bit overwhelmed by it all i dono if its your first ever diaper or them types of diapers are new trying them if i understand right your having a bit of a sugar rush but on diapers? new diaper can do that =) also maybe you have come to terms or you have accepted your DL or maybe a AB side, i wear diapers at night to bed but not in the day time its just not my thing but if your thinking of going 24/7 many member do so, anyway what im saying is as i said before you are most likely on a diaper rush enjoy it and dont make any fast decision think it through and enjoy it bud im happy for you =)

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    Hi gnd567. Congratulations on finally experiencing quality comfort after years of going without.

    You sound like you binged really hard for that week. That's the same thing for me when I started. I used to wear every day when I got my first package. However I did not feel messing was necessary.

    You can enjoy them as much as your time and wallet allows. Personally I find wearing more economical and healthy if it's 1. spaced every other day or two days between and 2. your general supply has more baisc diapers you line with large absorbent inserts for more capacity (and bulk) for longer wear.

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    Yeah, everyone goes through what we like to call a binge-purge cycle. I know when I first got my hands on some diapers it was an every night kind of thing for a few weeks assuming I could get my hands on them.

    I would recommend following professorbock's advice because if you use up your supply, you could start experiencing some mild anxiety if you are still in the binge portion of the cycle, or the opposite could happen and you could end up feeling a massive purge portion of the cycle and want to stop wearing altogether, which is a miserable experience.

    I'm a firm believer in having all good things in moderation, but that's my own personal opinion. Many people on this site absolutely love wearing 24/7. And I do understand that getting real high quality diapers can initially feel like a God send. So all in all, do what makes you happy! It only becomes an addiction if it intrues on your normal daily activities and prevents you from maintaining responsibilities.

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    I became a little 'blah' after a few weeks of wearing virtually nonstop though it didn't curb the compulsion. The other day I developed a rash and it got me to thinking I might need to slow it down a bit. Money is not really an issue for me at this stage - I already qualify for getting them no cost to me but the good ones aren't covered and it's more fun to buy them anyway, anyway I believe my body is going to tell me when I'm going overboard

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