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Thread: Does anyone else normally dress "toddlerish?"

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    Question Does anyone else normally dress "toddlerish?"

    So yesterday in one of my classes, we got on the very unrelated topic of wardrobes and how some people in the class dress. First one of my good friends was brought up: she likes to dress very girly. You know, skirts, nice shirts, heels, etc.
    Then how I dress was mentioned, and it was pretty accurate, but in a way I'd never thought of. I usually wear jeans, skater shoes, and most of my shirts (hoodies, and fitted T-shirts) have a cartoon character or some other colorful graphic on them. Oh, and in cold weather I love to wear animal/character laplander hats.
    The guy who started this conversation said that I dress like a tom boy, which I kind of am, can't deny it , and that my style is kind of "toddlerish." Oddly enough I've never connected my daily wardrobe to my little side. I suppose there is a correlation. He finished by saying he has no room to judge, which he doesn't, considering he wears colorful striped T-shirts that seem toddlerish to me lol.

    Do you, or has anyone ever said that you dress like a toddler or child?

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    I guess I kind of do, I dress similarly to what you have mentioned and I often wear pastel color clothing.

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    You know what? I have this strange habit for days when I'd say I feel more 'cubby'. I wear brighter coloured clothes with more childish patterns. Things that if I saw a child wearing I would think they were cute. I have a pair of really nice black booty shortalls as well to go with it.

    By that I mean, a dress sweater with colorful striped tights for example. (I wore this while being padded once) or just anything really colorful that isn't too obvious but for me makes me feel a bit more innocent. I used to have this really nice pink hoodie that I would wear, where people would assume I was a teenager because it was sort of immature looking. It's symbolic in a way, but not really apparent for other people.

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    I have lots of t-shirts that I wear for everyday use with toddler/kids motives like HelloKitty, MyLittlePony or Chip&Dale. But no, I've never been told that I dress immature. And.. I think that's because I dress up for when I'm meeting people that expect me to be a grown up..

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    I don't necessarily have any child-like clothing, but I do dress 'toddlerish' from time to time. For example, I sometimes wear very bright colors or wear shorts and have knee high socks on or I will jokingly wear my penguin hat from Six Flags, but that's on a rare occasion. I would like to dress a bit more like a toddler because it makes me feel cute and comfortable, but often times I don't enjoy the extra attention I get from people gawking at me. So if I dress up like a younger child, I tend to stick around my house.

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    I always wear Kangaroos sneakers with special laces. People have said I've dress immaturely before! It's just who I am, I guess. I don't do that as a (intentional) part of my ABness, but all the same I dress more like a younger person than a 30-something. Maybe the AB's here are just more accepting of our childlike sides in general.

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    Meh, I dress in collared shirts and slacks, with leather shoes. I may occasionally add a little flare by adding something vintage, but never anything childish.

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    I like colours a bit more than what is usually considered grown-up male fashion. I usually wear shirts and hoodies in green, red, yellow, orange and so on. Many of them also feature some writing on the front, but I usually don't have cartoon characters on them. Maybe this is something I should try.

    I have been thinking about getting a pair of shoes with velcro, but I want something that also looks nice. Most of such shoes are for old people (and look like it) or don't come in my size, so I'm still on the lookout.

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    Default Does anyone else normally dress "toddlerish?"

    I also like wearing a lot of hoodies especially in bright colors. If I could I'd wear sweat pants all the time! Since I don't have Velcro shoes I wish I could get those laces that you never need to tie, that'd be cool. I also love wearing my moose hat (:

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