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Thread: Who has had really weird dreams involving wearing diapers?

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    Default Who has had really weird dreams involving wearing diapers?

    I've had some really weird dreams involving myself wearing diapers.
    And I don't mean fetish fantasies or wishful-thinking dreams.
    I mean really seriously weird dreams
    I'd be curious to know if any of you have experienced this, too, and I'd love to hear your stories.

    Here's one of mine...

    I was out driving around town and doing general stuff like food shopping and that. Then I guess I got sidetracked by something, parked my car and started walking around the area. After a short while I suddenly became aware that I was in a completely different place about an hour away from home and my car wasn't there. And I was wearing a messy diaper and no pants. Didn't remember messing it, though. After a while, I realized I was going to have to take the bus to get back home. So I'd have to ride the bus wearing a messy diaper and normal upper body clothes for about an hour. That's about the point when I was so stressed out I woke up.

    I have no idea why I had that dream. No way in hell would I ever do anything like that. Not to mention suddenly appearing in some place an hour from home

    Have any of you had any dreams that are just totally weird (and stressing) and involve diapers? Would be great if you could share some

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    ha! Funnily enough I wore to bed last night and kept having dreams that I was staying in hotels and accidentally leaving my nappies in really obvious places where other guests would see them. It didn't stress me out too much but it made my heart sink a little. I was like "oh boy, and now another person knows about 'my little secret'; oh, and another" etc.

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    I cant remember any dreams and details but i have had some weird dreams with diapers! I can tell you one thing i feel good in those dreams and im like super diaper boy and thing is im only a DL not AB. I have strangely had orgasms in my dreams (the actual feeling)! I dont know if thats a medical condition or what but i cant complain, atleast sperm does not come out (not that it matters im in a diaper anyways)!

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    UGH! I do all the time. (I wear every night.) Usually in my dream I'm diapered and company or my parents surprise visit and I can't sneak away to change out of them and am trying to avoid getting caught in them.

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    I've had numerous dreams that I'm in public or around my parents with just a diaper and a white t-shirt on. It's kind of funny.

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    I've had dreams from being with a girl that I am very attracted to all the way to being greatly humiliated in public, and I'm not really a big fan of humiliation.

    The best dreams are when I'm hanging out with my little bro, unfortunately those don't happen as frequently as I'd like.

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    I fell asleep today in our college movie room after my hour-15 commute and had a weird one. All the sudden the room turned into a nursery and various people were being tended to. I looked around in shock at why this was happening and was asked to help out because they were short on hand.

    Likely I woke up before I had to change anyone.

    It was odder later on when the room vanished and I became conscious I was sleeping. But it was like this tugging pulling feeling trying to wake up and move my body, as I couldn't in this black little void I was in. I finally did after a couple tries. Felt like something was after me too.

    Ahhh fun. Wonder what I'll have tonight they've been interesting lately.

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    I've had plenty of these kinds of dreams. In one dream, my wife and I went to this large Inn, a sort of Bed and Breakfast. At some point in the dream I'm in the community laundry room, and I'm standing there in just a diaper while I'm doing the laundry with all these other women.

    I sometimes have a reoccurring dream where I'm back in college. I walk into my dorm room and there are diapers and all kinds and colors of plastic pants laying on the floor. I become very excited and start to put one on, only to have the dream end.

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    Wow, thank you all for posting. Really interesting so far
    This'll sound stupid, but somehow I hadn't expected this to be a common thing.

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    I wonder if our diaper/nappy dreams are kind of the equivalent of the Vanilla fear of being out and suddenly realising you've got no trousers on! It's a very personal part of our lives which most of us struggle to share with others (I always considered being AB/DL as my 'deepest darkest secret' for many years) I reckon the fear of exposure and how people might see us in the event of exposure has something to do with it. We've got this side of us we keep tucked away and we read stories of how the public construe us; I imagine that's gonna have a big unconscious impact on us.

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