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Thread: Hello from Alberta land!

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    Default Hello from Alberta land!

    Why hello there *extends out a paw to shake*

    The names Wet Foxie and its nice to meet all of ya! Well I am not too much into the whole baby talk , and age play but I seem to love diapers and furry role play!

    I seem to enjoy old baby diapers and would love to maybe trade with some or you or make some more movies!


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    Well, hello there from Edmonchuk. I am dl too, a grown-up raccoon -with-a-diaper-fetish, notta babyfur... though I revel in being among all the other padded people, however they approach it. I happen to like the ab's I know personally, as people, and same for the bf's I know... I actually don't know many non-padded furs.

    Welcome to Adisc.

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