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    Default Hi!

    Hi everyone, I'm PaddedTech, an ABDL in Cambridge. I've been into diapers since being a young teenager, and while it doesn't take up all my life, I really enjoy it!

    Apart from diapers, I love cheesy music, sailing, and computing. Look forward to meeting this friendly forum!

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    Hi paddedtech!

    So you're kinda experienced already, i'd guess?
    Anyway, if you still may have some questions, just ask! And of course share your experience with us, don't be a stranger.

    What's your favourite music genre and/or bands, if I may ask?

    Sailing is surely interesting! Sadly i haven't done it myself yet. Although it's kinda hard, if there's no big lake in a 100km radius.
    Have you just started with this fancy sport or are into this since your youth? Do you like it more windy, in case of sailing? Any advice maybe for someone who'd like to try it in time?
    Sorry for that much questions, i'm just kinda curious.

    Welcome to ADISC!

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC! I hope you make some good friend here and find plenty of interesting topics to engage in.

    Stay dry and happy!

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    Hi, paddedtech. Welcome to the forum.

    I just love your upbeat and friendly attitude. Congratulations on Cambridge! You must have done something right to get into that academic gateway!

    Diapers, music and sailing, eh?

    You sound like the kind of cool-bro, as I call it who can rock Hawaiian shirts, play steel drum jazz CDs and throw a beach barbecue.

    I can picture you after a long day of computers: shirt open, sunglasses low, diapered under surf shorts and cold beer in hand, flipping burgers on the grill.

    Oh, and there's many great friends to be made here. We'd love to get your perspective into the numerous topics available.

    Best wishes.

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    Hey Paddedtech, Welcome to what I can promise is a great forum full of friendly people!

    I'm also at Cambridge though i'm still a undergrad so I've got Exams coming up which is scary as i'm not ready for them yet and they are only two weeks away!!!

    Cheesy music, sailing, computers and diapers sounds like a great combination! I love professorbock's description

    Do you sail dinghy's or yachts? I have done quite a bit of yacht sailing in the past but not much dinghy sailing so that's on my list of things to try! I'm certainly a fan of windy days in a yacht, makes it much more fun!

    Once again welcome! Looking forward to hearing from you

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    Lol, sadly not that cool! Just a few dinghys - toppers & lasers. Wish it was warm enough in UK for a hawaiian shirt!

    Nice to know there's another AB student here! Yeah, mine start in 2 weeks too. Revision's grim, but it's only for a while anyway...

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