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    Hi, well I might have a problem and probably I've been catched.
    I was sleeping and my mother walked into my room to get something, I left my phone in a chair and I have some pictures of a naked girl in diapers, kinda embarassing but I totally forgot about the pictures.
    So I waked up, and my mother was sitting in that chair and browsing my phone, she might have seen my contacts, or messages but what if, she looked my pictures? I'm being a little paranoid about this, but I don't know what to tell her if she brings the subject.

    Thanks for your help !

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    First of all. Why does your mother go through your phone???
    That's a serious invasion of privacy.

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    That was my mother's phone, she gave me her phone, because mine isn't working right now. But I changed the SIM and the SD card, but some contacts from her are still on the phone (She used the phone memory instead of her SD card)

    Maybe she looked at my phone because I left it on a chair.

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    Well you had it coming for being so careless and having such photos on your phone , i'm just kidding.

    I'm sorry that this actually happened. I guess being kinda "paranoid" with some stuff may not be wrong, as most are already.
    But on the other hand it's your mothers fault too. Somehow i can understand her however. She's surely been kinda curious about what you got there on your phone, i.e. the picture. And noone is surely thinking about something like this, especially parents.

    In my humble opinion, i wouldn't act on your own now, instead I would only react if I were you. Keep in my it's just my opinion and I don't know your mother, you know her best. It all kinda depends on how the relationship between you two is, also in the matter of sexual topics.... is she kinda open minded, did you two talk in the past about everything... or do you both keep such things quite private, etc.
    I would first wait what she's upto. Maybe she'll ask you on her own about what this has been. Maybe she'll treat you a little bit different, watch her a little bit more closely. If in the end she doesn't bring up the topic and nothing should have changed, i wouldn't bring up this "happening" ever.
    But if you really can "feel" or see that this is maybe bothering her, i'd try to talk to her... but i'd keep it low. I wouldn't talk about anything she doesn't need to know. Just that in the end, you convince her, that she doesn't need to worry about this.

    If you want to lie... that's your choice. Honestly i wouldn't do that, somehow you can still see if someone is lying if you're really "good friends".

    However, as we all have learned this can go really bad too. Like others talked about that their parents wanted to have them to go to some psychiatrists, etc. But secondly they know that this ain't weird, everyone has got a little kink anyhow.

    Anyway, best wishes, just listen to your gut.

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    Yes I'll have to be more careful with this .
    She asked me for a phone number, as I said, some of her contacts are still on the phone, so probably she didn't look at the gallery, she just was searching a number, at least I hope.

    I don't want to tell her anything about this, just I'm a little concerned that she might relate this pictures (I'm not sure if she really saw them) when she found some diapers in a box.
    Anyway thanks for your help, I'll take your advice

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