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Thread: Odd *Bish things that occur during life.

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    Default Odd *Bish things that occur during life.

    I'm curious whether other people here have had any odd *Bish things happen in there life. What I mean is either conversations or something that has occurred with people that are not aware of your *B/DLism but in a way are related. For example I submit the following.

    Thanksgiving day, whilst members of my family were going through ads, and generally chatting, the subject of footed PJs for adults came up. My nephew works at Target and commented that they sell them in the Women's Dept.

    A long time ago, when I was 11 or 12 or so, my parents and I went up to the Detroit area for a weekend. When we got to our hotel and entered our room, my dad commented that there was a bed for me in the room. At the time he was looking at a crib that had been left in the room. (I did want to sleep in it, but someone came and got it, and...).

    A few years back, while visiting the State Fair, my mom bought a light up pacifier for my youngest nephew. The girl commented that someone would be happy and my dad smiled and said that it was for him. (My dad can be goofy at times.)

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    That's like the comment I made recently on another thread. The other day, some of my sandwich dropped on the floor after just missing the plate. My wife looked at me, shook her head, and very much jokingly said, "Alright, am I going to have to get the highchair out for you to eat without making a mess?" Without knowing it, she was hitting soooo close to home with her joking. I'd love to!!!


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    Last year, my friend would crack jokes about babies and diapers, and there was this guy that walked past who really stank of something horrible, and he said "Maybe someone should change his diaper" He would also crack jokes about buying baby stuff in the supermarket before school.

    Makes you think, huh?

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    Me and my friend were talking about halloween constumes, and he said someone should dress up like a baby with diapers and a binky, and say that their parents treat them like a baby...It was extremely odd...

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    My friends and I joke about diapers alot

    Also just this evening my friend was over and we made a video on my phone of us wearing diapers over our clothes and acting all nonchalant like.

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    Ha ha...yeah, I used to make posts on tbn every time something like this happened to me. I tried to dig up some of those old posts and here's some of the stuff I came up with:

    -In a biology class in high school, for some reason we got on the topic of potty training, and one girl was saying how she was potty trained at like 3, but then kind of lost it and had to wear diapers for a little bit at 4 or whatever. Anyway, my teacher (who was really funny and cool) said, "Ok, so basically, what Kelly is saying is that she still wears diapers". It was pretty funny.

    -When I was laying down in my bed, I was pretty tired and I was talking with a friend, and since she could tell I was sleepy, she said, "You look so sleepy. Should I put you in your crib?" in a joking manner.

    -Back in the 5th grade, I had this pretty weird teacher, and she was kind of annoying. Anyway, so a bunch of kids were misbehaving and fighting and being childish, and she said, "Tomorrow, I should bring in a load of diapers and diaper all of you little BABIES." It was weird, but pretty interesting...

    -one time me and a few friends were just looking around in some gift shop, and in one part they had these baby clothes. And as we walked by, one of the girls there said to me, "Hey, we should get you a onesie!" I think I just laughed it off and it was nothing, but I hope I didn't turn too red. Crazy stuff.

    -So, today I was in a public bathroom and I saw one of those "Koala Bear Care" changing stations (I don't know if they have them everywhere...but it was basically a public diaper changing table). So anyway, it made me remember a time back when I was like, 10, and I went to a summer day camp. And me and the other kids were on some field trip somewhere, and we went in a public bathroom and they had one of those. So, the other boys were just messing around, and they went over and pulled it open. And one of them jumped up on it and laid down and said, "Hey, one of you son of a bitches....change my diaper!" And another kid said, "No, you idiot, can't you see it's only for koala bears!"

    I know there are others, but those are the ones I could find.

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    Yes, I have had a few of those during my life.

    My father can say some off the wall things. During a phone conversation about my upcoming fitness test, I mentioned that I wanted to try to lose a couple more pounds. He suggested laxatives as a good method to quickly lose some weight. On the day of the fit test, I also needed to be in an official ceremony at work. This was my stated reason for not liking his idea. He responded with "Just wear a diaper." I responded with "That is a horrible idea!" The conversation ended when mom started asking what we were talking about since she only heard his half of the conversation. Her first question was "Does Jeremy need diapers?" I quietly listened while Dad explained the conversation and Mom expressed disappointment in him. My final unspoken thought was "Nope, I don't need any diapers, I still have plenty." It was a pleasant relief when the topic changed.

    It is comical how close jokes can come to reality.

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    I was talking to a friend, and she was telling me about 'this crazy guy' she met who walked around Manchester (I think it was) in a onesie.
    It was quite funny really, she said something like: "It's so weird, can you believe there's websites that sell adult sized onesies?"

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    My wife and I went to the drug store and picked up some baby shampoo. We were talking to the cashier when she says, "how old is your baby?". The wife says,"we don't have a baby", and the cashier says "oh" and laughs. I thought I might have a heart attack, but it really wasn't that bad, just surprising!!

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    Hmmm....when my mum, my two sisters, and I went on our trip to Newfoundland a few years ago one of my sisters was always having to get us to stop so she could go pee. My mum told her "We should stop and get you some diapers!"

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