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Thread: Maya Newell Award Winning Adult Baby Short Film

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    Default Maya Newell Award Winning Adult Baby Short Film

    Im not sure if anyone has seen this so I thought I'd just post it out there.

    A couple of years ago a person called Maya Newell made a short film about adult babies and presented it at several selected venues. For the record she won:

    Winner of F4 Outstanding Talent Award at AIDC, Bigpond Adelaide Film Festval 2011

    Audience Choice Award at Sydney Underground Film Festival 2010

    I thought as I was unable to find a thread on this particular film people might like to take a look.

    The link is here :
    If you're asked for a password its : april

    It was previously password protected but I've spoken to Maya and shes happy for me to share.

    Hope you enjoy

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    Is it just me, or is there a high rate of interest in AB/DL stuff in Britain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eulogy View Post
    Is it just me, or is there a high rate of interest in AB/DL stuff in Britain?
    I reckon there is from everything i have seen

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    This is the best documentary (even though it's technically a short film) I've seen on Adult Babies. I really like the perspective of their daycare babysitter / nurse. She laughed at first and then grew to understand it over time. It's really sweet and probably typical of any open-minded people first experiencing adult babyhood. I also like, when she's reading the man his story, he can really see the innocence and childhood right in his eyes. In that moment, he's a child. It's fascinating to see on film. And of course it makes us feel less alone. This short film will hopefully make other ABs feel less alienated and freakish.

    I know that a lot of people will have annoyances with the age of their main subject. This doesn't bother me. We all grow old. You little ones on the site are only going to get grey, too, as time marches on. This desire is clearly ageless. That's the whole point of being an AB. But this man is also good because he's obviously had a lifetime to think about this. He's had many years to contemplate on his desires and the psychology behind it. I like his personal assessment - that it's, for him, all about the security and safety. I think that's how it works for quite a lot of AB's.

    It's interesting how he gave his little side her own name. Is that only specific to sissy AB's, or is that something non-sissy AB's do, as well? I haven't done that, although I'm a big fan of sweet nicknames and terms of endearment. Anyway, now I'm starting to think I need my own AB-name! Lol.

    The only thing I disagree with really is that when I'm NOT my little side - I don't think it's the worst part of my life. It's just two different parts of me. As long as I allow my baby side to have her own time, and my big side to also have her own time, I'm a very happy girl. I don't think I would want to be regressed forever. I do appreciate my adult side, too.

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    Wow, thank you lots for this link! I'll be sure to watch it once I'm done with work. Most documentaries and the like portray AB's as freaks and weirdos. From what I'm hearing, this isn't like that. I'm glad one film can portray us in a good light!

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    I swear I was expecting him to take baby powder and spread it all over his face at some point. This did not happen. I am happy for that.

    Thanks a lot for sharing. Seems like a wonderful documentary, albeit strange.

    I can't relate much with AB lifestyles. I'm very visual a person, and it seems too strange for me, but if it makes someone happy, then I would not change a thing.

    It's a lot worse when you see two grown men dressed in frilly skirts with saggy diapers walking through a target.

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    I just like to point out that the nursery is in Kent (uk)
    and is one of my main sponsor on my ab website also

    nursery is called : Happy Nappy Nursery
    Happy 2 Nappy Nursery

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    sounds interesting. I'll give it a watch...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eulogy View Post
    Is it just me, or is there a high rate of interest in AB/DL stuff in Britain?
    There are 2 documentaries and, to my knowledge, one TV appearance which is less than the interest from America. It just seems that because the Channel 4 documentary was received so well by AB/DLs that everyone seems to bring it up whenever possible. Also I've never heard of this documentary so it couldn't have been very popular if no one here has mentioned it before.

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    There is also that video from a couple years ago by Davy, a member here.

    He's got a funky accent though, so maybe it doesn't count.

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