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    Default I'm new here

    Hello everybody. I've been Abdl my whole life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dommy View Post
    Hello everybody. I've been Abdl my whole life.
    Welcome to ADISC then Dommy! I bet since you've been into this for a while, you'll have lots of great insight to share! I'm really excited to see how awesome of a member you are going to be in this community, what you'll bring to the table, and how much we'll get to appreciate your company! I hope you'll find that ADISC is a community worth being apart of, with great threads to jump in discuss anything from padding and being a stinkypants to talking about politics and sports.

    Feel like telling us a little more about yourself Dommy? Like, what made you interested in this.. for this long? What other things do you like, like do you like any books or music or video games? What about your name, what does that mean.. why did you pick it? I hope that you feel comfortable and know that we won't judge you, we are here for support.. so this is a safe place to talk about stuff. Still, if you are nervous we won't blame you one bit. Just share what you feel comfortable sharing.

    You have a berry amazing time here, okay?

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    Welcome! AB/DL your whole life, wow! I wish I could say that, I'm new to the whole scene. :P
    Don't hesitate to tell us more about yourself, and most of all, have fun!

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    I sort of giggled at this, because I imagined a baby who has decided they are an in Infant Baby. As opposed to teen and adult baby.
    I'm glad you have joined, and I hope you enjoy yourself.

    What brought you to our community, other than a common interest of ABDL-ism ?

    Where are you from ?

    Have you ever ridden an elephant? Have you ever seen a pink and yellow spotted elephant ?

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