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Thread: Need Topics/Perspectives for my website

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    Default Need Topics/Perspectives for my website

    ABout ABDL - About ABDLs

    I am making a website and need topics.
    Here are some I have already.
    What is ABDL?
    Information For Parents Of ABDLs
    Information For Spouses Of ABDLs
    ABDL v. Gender Norms
    Common Misconceptions
    How to be an ABDL Ally
    Links to videos like Riley's
    Links to sites like bittergrey and ADISC

    I need more ideas. I could also use other perspectives like female abdls, and dls, babyfurs. I am an asexual cis-gendered male adult baby so my scope is limited. I also need serious grammar checks.

    Any new topics to discuss would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Since you're IC, I would think an incontinent topic area would be helpful to others who also are incontinent. I think you should have a mental mission statement to yourself. What is the mission of your site? That should then shape your topics. With adisc, it is first and foremost, a help and support site. It also is a place to share diaper related interests and diaper/infantile information, such as brands of diapers, how they function, baby related items. Lastly, it relates to our lifestyle, how we express ourselves as "littles".

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    Cool. I am not exaclty ic, but i have to wear diapers to deal with excessivly frequent urination. I did add some ic stuff though in my personal: life as an abdl section. I definately need a mission statement though. Thanks a bunch.

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