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Thread: Ways to make an adult bed babyish?

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    Default Ways to make an adult bed babyish?

    Was just wondering if anybody had any tips for trying to make a bed more babyish?

    My girlfriend/mommy says that she would be perfectly fine if we had a crib, but that isn't going to happen for a lonnnnggggg time. So, in the meantime, I was wondering if anybody here has done anything to make their bed more babyish?

    So far, the only thing I could think of was getting new cartoon character based sheets.

    I also thought of getting one of those rails that you find on toddler beds that are there to make sure they won't fall out of bed. Other than that, I can't really think of anything.

    Any ideas/ suggestions?


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    LOTS of stuffed animals. You can never have too many!

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    On the headboard a soother or a mobile



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    why the "so longish"?
    if it's a cost issue, certain parts can be cobbled together to form a cotlike/criblike sense to your bed.
    readymade staircase spindles can use to make a 'cage' around the bed, and they're cheaper to buy readymade than to make your own:Richard Burbidge Edwardian Spindle EM090P Pine (H)32 x (W)3.2 x (L)900mm, EM090P
    i used these for support struts within our kitchen cupboards because they were cheaper than just 'plain old wood' struts (yeah, i know!). damn! they'll probably put the prices up, now that i've said this.
    if, as and when, i plan to use such to make a highchair.

    additionally, 'finished' floorboards are sometimes on offer and they can be used for the strength and dressy part of the frame.
    my bedside table,Attachment 16609, is made from such and stood me at 30 for all the bought bits (the floorboards accounted for about half the cost).

    it's gotta be cheaper to do in N.America (with all the wood you lot have?!).

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    Did you get "glow in the dark"-stars for your ceiling and "easy off"-stickers for your walls? Sometimes it isn't about the furniture it self. But the feeling of the room..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    why the "so longish"?
    It's gonna be a long time simply because I am a student right now living in a small apartment :p

    In the future, I'm going to build the crib myself (a lot cheaper than $2000!) as I have a good amount of woodworking/ carpentry experience. It's just not in the cards right now, not until I have my own place and settle down a bit.

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    I'd like to see crib rails on mine, like a tot's crib-bed.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'd like to see crib rails on mine, like a tot's crib-bed.

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    And of course a childish print blanket and comforter.

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    First off, great question, Ronbeast.

    Second, I've been needing new bedsheets. I've been sleeping on the same recycled family sheets for 20 years.

    And yes, I've even slept on the sheets my dad used to put on his ex-wife's bed back in the 1970s.

    So, I am absolutely forward-thinking when I say I'd like to buy new sheets.

    I have none installed since the last set tore in half because it was so worn out.

    The thing is, I'd rather save the money and have a full size crib built for me when I lease my first apartment. This might make saving money and living at home into a two-year affair instead of one year. I think it's worth it.


    If you can dream the little dream, can you also take it all the way?

    Now you have me thinking of a Carebear comforter, sheets and pillow cover.

    The 1982 Batman comics pillow cover is the only childhood memory I can still use today. And even then my dad chides me for it.

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