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Thread: Night Proof (new diaper) ???

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    Default Night Proof (new diaper) ???

    Has anyone heard of this diaper? I accidently came across it, it looks and sounds great. There sold by First Street and are imported from Italy.

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    Default Sv: Night Proof (new diaper) ???

    So what do you think about this diaper?

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    I placed an order unfortunatley they havn't arrived in this country yet.

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    Night Proof Briefs

    Interesting find. Thanks!

    The Website itself almost looks like Skymall. I'm curious now. Might be worth an order. Hope we (adisc) don't bottom out their stock haha

    One review indicates that they might run small...check it out on the page.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Anyone know how much cheaper they get if you call in?

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    They certainly look interesting, although I would assume they will be expensive to get in Canada.

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    Seems a bit shoddy..... Guess we will know in a few weeks if they arrive or not. KEEP US POSTED O.P. !
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    Hi, babababy! That's an interesting find.

    Keep us posted. This might be the next alternative product to buying high capacity products such Dry24/7.

    In the economics frame of mind, there will usually be a new vendor that starts up. And that start up just might be inspired enough to replace product that is discontinued in the marketplace.

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    Thanks for bringing a new product to my attention. Night Proof Briefs. This is where I saw the number to call and get special pricing.

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    Ok so I called the number and the special pricing is a bit misleading. Quicker shipping at a discount is what it amounts to - and a coupon for the next order.

    We shall see I guess. It's worth one try.

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