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Thread: What does it take to be a good mommy?

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    Default What does it take to be a good mommy?

    I have the question of what it takes to be a good mommy!

    I have always been a little girl. However my boyfriend was my daddy but then wanted to be more ab so I became his sister. I have diapered him, changed him, brought him a bottle and even gave him a bath one time. I really enjoy doing these thing for him. It makes me feel needed by him and I really like that feeling. He asked if I would like to be his mommy for day or something.. Witch made me a little worried I have never done anything like that I have always been the little one. I do enjoy trying new things so I am not closed minded to trying to be his mommy for a day.. I just want to know more about being someones mommy...

    So I want to know what being a mommy entails. What should I do to be the best one? What is someone perfect day with there mommy like? Anything to do with being a mommy would be helpful.

    I hope someone can help me!

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    I think this is something you can find the answer to from asking a expert: .. yourself .. You know your boyfriend, what his little's-needs are and whats right for him? Think about what you like him to do for you, and do the same for him.

    And if you still have trouble deciding what to do.. or coming up with ideas.. Ask the only other expert on the matter to help you.. your boyfriend.

    I know this probably isn't the answer you where looking for. But I honestly belive that the way to make this day perfect is to do what is right for the two of you. Because what I think of as the best day ever with mommy isn't necessarily such a good day with mommy for your boyfriend. We all have special ideas about what our caretakers should do.. and.. you know your boyfriend better then anybody! .. You're the one who knows what he wants/needs.

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    I think this kind of relationship takes time to develop. You arn't just going to wake up tomorrow and become the "perfect" mommy or daddy. IMO anonymous communication is a cool way to pursue things because it allows both the little and the big to freely express their desires and fears without feeling pressured knowing they are directly talking to their possible future big or little. In addition to TIME and COMMUNICATION I think TRUST is essential to establishing and maintaining a healthy big / little relationship. If the little does not trust their big they are going to be hesitant to fully submit themselves.

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    It takes patience and practice, you won't be great right now but just ask and listen to your boyfriend and you will learn what he desires from you acting like his mummy. Then eventually it will become instinctive, think about the things he does for you as your daddy and see/think about how you could incorporate similar things for him. You obviously know what you think a good caretaker should be and do so just try the same things for him and with a bit of trial and error you should both end up as good caretakers to one another.

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