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Thread: Feeling so padded...!

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    Red face Feeling so padded...!

    I have always just worn my Abena or Tena Men's diapers. Yesterday after picking up my supply of Abenas I also picked up the diaper doublers at Toys R Us. The other thing I bought yesterday was my first pair of plastic pants. I am wearing all three for the first time today. I feel SO PADDED! it is just lovely! I love the feeling of the bulk and warmth, and they are still dry.

    For everyday wear if out in public I believe I will still stick to just the diaper. But for sitting around the house and doing a couple of errands the extra padding feels just great!

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    When the the weather gets hot it will be time to leave the plastic pants inside. I'm thinking about wearing my Dependeco's for overnight and Dry24/7's
    for daytime. It'll be getting hot here in Texas shortly. I've got the AC running today on low.

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